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Dec 5, 2012 07:03 PM

Ridgewood's best eateries

I love going to ridgewood for their byobs and variety of restaurants. Problem is most of their myriad of places to eat are average at best. There are three restaurants that I crave on a frequent basis and I believe are gems in northern nj. My top three are as follows. A Mano for their spot-on authentic neopolitan style pizzas, Brick Lane for their clean fresh take on indian food and Latour for an old school French classic dishes.

Also Sook is a phenomenal place, though not an official restaurant, for great croissants, brioche, and crepes.

I have yet to try village green but would like to hear what your opinions may be on this towns' offerings.

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  1. Mediterraneo is probably the hands-down, overall best and most consistent restaurant in Ridgewood. Put it on your list!

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    1. re: lemarais

      I'll have to try it. I believe it is Turkish correct?

      1. re: FoodExpression

        Did you get the picture of the Lobster Pan Fried Noodles....

        1. re: fourunder

          I didnt get any pic of Lobster Pan Fried noodles? Where did you guys get them?

            1. re: fourunder

              This looks better than chinatown. Can I come to family gatherings? I love dim sum with plenty of people that way you can order lots of dishes.

                1. re: FoodExpression

                  You are always invited to our family table....

          1. re: FoodExpression

            It's not really Turkish. It's kind of a mix of Middle Eastern meets New American. Eclectic, unique, and very good. Reservations recommended.


            1. re: lemarais

              We tried Mediterraneo this weekend. We really enjoyed the Moroccan Lamb Stew served in the real deal tagine. I would go back just for this dish. Thanks.

        2. Yes, there are some excellent places in Ridgewood -- a real melting pot for restaurants, and a nice town.

          Latour is very popular and has a lot of fans. Very good food. In my opinion, the most consistent -- and highest level -- restaurant in Ridgewood. I've always had very, very good food and excellent experiences there.

          Park West has gotten popular and I've enjoyed several good meals there. Some people complain that it's expensive, but to me that's a relative term. I also like Masago very much. Small, out of the way, off the beaten' path BYO Japanese restaurant. Excellent sushi.

          Sook is excellent -- agreed. Very popular with the locals, and out of towners, like me, LOL.