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Dec 5, 2012 06:53 PM

Harwood Arms...

Can anyone tell me the best time to hit up the HA for only a quick drink and some bar snacks. It will probably be a weekday...and I imagine it gets busy through lunch etc?


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  1. Presumably it'd be quieter outside the normal eating times.

    1. You're pretty safe 3-6 Monday to Saturday for a drink and a scotch egg. Make sure you try the rissoles too...

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      1. re: hyperion

        Cheers hyperion....just what I was after. The wabbit rissoles, right? Will give them a go! :)

      2. I suspect mid-week lunch at the Harwood isn't that busy as it's location is a little off the beaten track (not many offices close by), even at the weekend lunch is a slow start so easy to sit at the bar at 12:00 and have a few beers and snacks. Even when it is full for meals it is the sort of place the bar will probably have space.

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