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Dec 5, 2012 06:43 PM

prices for kiddush lunch (bagels, salads etc) for 100 people

is $2,000 what most people would expect to pay for bagels, lox, whitefish, tuna fish, cream cheeses, lettuce, tomato, green salads, coffee & tea?

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  1. Sounds high to me, but I imagine everything is dependent on where you are ordering from, etc. We had an amazing kiddush for approximately 125 people catered this past summer with three different (and quite innovative) types of cholent, five different kugels, four salads, tons of desserts (brownies, blondies, rainbow cookies, etc.), sodas, and chips, and it only cost about $1500.

    1. Sounds right. Might include eggs as well. (That's for paper goods.)

      1. Sounds like alot to me. As an example, Wok Tov is offering outside catering starting at $9.95 p/p going up to $14.95. I know that this is a meat menu but I bring this up as a frame of reference.

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          First of all, Westchester (I've read OP's other threads) is not as competitive as the 5 Towns. Secondly, meat is much cheaper than dairy/fish. Compare the cost of lox, whitefish and chicken per pound. Third, The amount stated by the Op includes coffee/tea, green salads, fresh vegetables, none of which are in the woktov link.
          $20pp is not high for the dairy fish spread OP is seeking.

        2. The way I see it, 8th day catering does many of the brises I've been to. They are decent but not fancy, and that's approx what they charge. Batmutvahpanic, you should call them.