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Dec 5, 2012 06:42 PM

Bakers, please help me- oven difficulties

Bakers, I need your help here. I am an experienced cookie baker but in a new place, using a new gas oven. To say Strong Bottom Heat is a huge understatement. This cursed oven just fries things - bottoms way too brown, tops not nearly done.

So its a science experiment this year. Working thru solutions with a reliable recipe, and not getting any where but depressed.

Have already tried the following-

Lower the temperature? NO. Same results, just slower
Calibrate the oven? First thing I did.
Airbakes? Been using them for years. Next step is to stack them.
Replace stove? Alas. Gracious landlord replaced old Monkey Ward stove with this one.
PIzza stone? Borrowed one, have tried with it on rack, and directly under baking
sheet. Not much improvement, and my kitchen smells like frozen pizza grease. Sigh

I cant be the only one who has encountered this. Please help, ( no, let me restate this- PLEASE HELP -) Thanks in advance for your input ---

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  1. Try using light-coloured (aluminium) sheet pans lined with a silicone baking mat. Put sheet in the top of the oven where warm air should collect. You want the warm air to be more effective than the direct heat from the bottom.

    Or make pizza. From what you say, the oven should be ideal for this.

    1. Well, I am not an electrician so...
      I have had similar problems over the years. When you test the temperature be sure to look at it in intervals. Like right after it comes to temp, 10 minutes later in ten min. increments over say... an hour. Why? It might have a wonky sensor. I had an oven that would be fine and then I happened to walk by and spotted the element glowing with the familiar broiling look.

      Beyond that, try setting the temperature 100 degrees lower (or incrementally lower than what you have been trying. It will eventually cook well. OR place cooked items in two pans with the bottom one acting as a buffer.

      If you find out that the temp is high, you can sometimes adjust the thermostat. Look up your model on the internet to find out if and how.

      Big bummer for the holidays.

      1. Buy some unglazed quarry tile from Home Depot or Lowes--mine were 36 cents each and I only need six. Place them on the top rack, as high as you can, since that's where it's coldest. Preheat the oven longer. Use an oven thermometer to figure out what temperature to use, once the tiles have heated up.

        1. I had this issue with my last apartment oven. What worked best for that oven was heavy, light-colored aluminum sheet pans, stacked in pairs. FWIW, I was using Pampered Chef baking pans. Rack in the top third of the oven. as far from the heat as I could get it without it being on the broiler level. Good luck!

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            Yeah, I had to stack pans in my old oven. It works. Sometimes if something needed heat for good oven spring, I would add the second pan halfway brought cooking.

          2. Put a layer of bricks on the bottom level of your oven.