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Dec 5, 2012 06:33 PM

Old liquere

I have two partial bottles of Sicilian Gold Liquere's that have been around for decades. One is Crema Caffe, the other, Mandorcrema. Both have 20-21% alcohol. Question is, are they safe to drink?

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  1. Are they opaque, like they have actual cream in them? If so, then they have probably spoiled. If they are clear (no mold) and smell okay, then they should be fine. They may not taste good, but they should be safe.

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    1. Are those in the ceramic figurine bottles? If so they are collectors items.

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        In this modern world, everything is a collectors item. When taking a quick search for Sicilian Gold, a liquer I am unfamiliar with, I saw seveeral ceramic decanters from this maker selling for $5. Hell, if somebody local is willing to give money...

      2. As noted above, very likely they will be safe. it is also very likely they will smell bad and taste bad.