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Dec 5, 2012 05:56 PM

Quiet spicy work spot at Longwood?

I've been using the various Starbucks and Brueggers-type spots along Longwood Ave as my mobile office recently, and while the coffee is passable and the wifi functional, I'm really craving some culinary options beyond a cake pop. Does anyone know of a nearby spot with interesting food (any cuisine, other than American-corporate) that I'm missing? I'm really pining for food court Morrocan with the a la menthe from Montreal days, but perhaps that will remain a pipe dream...

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  1. don't know how far is too far for you - brookline village is less than a mile - szechuan garden, family restaurant (turkish), cutty's for great sandwiches, new england soup factory, martin's or family for breakfast, and more - head the other way (francis street to huntington avenue) and find jamaican, and some other small ethnic joints - st. mary's and beacon you'll find japonaise (fabulous japanese ahn doughnuts) and tatte's (great pastry at both and good coffee).

    1. Do any of those places have wifi ? Can't tell from the post but the inference is that might be required .

      Otherwise terrific suggestions

      1. Do you want to work and eat in the same place? Or just find something to eat right in the area? If the latter, I can recommend the middle-eastern take-out in the Galleria. Pretty decent hummus, baba, and cooked dishes with salad. Or walk down Louis Pasteur (2 min) to Clover truck for falafel or eggplant/egg sandwich and some hot cider. There is pretty decent Mexican directly behind the med school on Huntington, to the left of the Mission on the same side of the street. On Huntington, walk to the corner to Mama's sandwich shop and get an American sandwich or a Greek dish. There is also the food court inside Dana Farber on the 3rd floor- nothing to write home about but they have a good salad bar, pizza, and some variety.

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          Thanks for the tips. I know and like several of the Brookline places, and am looking forward to expanding my forays in other directions.

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            At the Galleria, besides Sepal, there is Chutneys where you can spice things up with chilis:

          2. Flames Jamaican right nearby at Brigham's circle is pretty decent.

            Flames Restaurant II
            746 Huntington Ave
            (between Calumet St & Fenwood Rd)
            Boston, MA 02115
            (617) 734-1911