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Looking for the Pearson's Salted Caramel Nut Goodie...

So I tried one of these a few months ago, and found them to be far tastier than the original. Now that I'd like to give them as gifts in MN care packages, I'm not able to track them down, even in St. Paul, where they are made. Any one seen them for sale recently in the Twin Cities?

Thanks so much...

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  1. Here's a photo in case that helps things...

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      This is from the website:
      Budget Mart
      Cub Foods
      Econo Foods
      Festival Foods
      Fleet Farm
      Happy Dan's
      Holiday Station Stores
      Oasis Markets
      Rainbow Foods
      Sam's Club

    2. I think it would be best for you to contact them directly - straight to the source, so to speak. They could help you with a special order or point you out to a local retailer. My uncle was a salesman for Pearson's around 60 years ago, not much help now though...:(


      Good luck! A sea salt version sounds delicious.

      Please report back if you get some good info.

      1. It's been a while since I lived in Minneapolis, but I wonder if Lund's/Byerly's might be able to help you. My Byerly's store regularly carried the original flavor one. My other thought is the same as already suggested, to contact Pearson's directly. Good luck!

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          Byerly's has both original and caramel by the case.

        2. If you click on the Purchase link on the Pearson's website, it takes you to a 3rd Party retailer and they are the second option on the page: http://www.favoritesof.com/pearsons1.htm

          1. I did call the factory and spoke to a friendly and helpful employee. Kyra1 was right in that Lunds/Byerly's is the most likely store to have it. Otherwise, there's the Love from MN gift shop at MOA and Roseville and maybe even Holiday or SuperAmerica gas stations.

            Part of the thrill and the frustration of Pearson's candy is that you never really know where and when you'll find them. In any case, the sea salt nut goodie is a like a giant peanut turtle and should take a place a pride among our state's food stuffs!

            Thanks for all your suggestions...

            1. I purchased one from my local Walgreens (crystal) about 2 weeks ago. Maybe give them a call?

              1. I'm guessing Mills' Fleet Farm is a likely place.

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                1. I got one at the tiny convenience store at work last week. Sad to say I was disappointed. . . Couldn't really taste the salt. Great concept though.

                  1. Just a fun note... Dunn Bros paired with Pearson's to do a Nut Goodie latte. Not sure if this is new but I don't remember them doing it last year. Per DB's website (link below):

                    "Dunn Brothers stores will also sell limited-edition Nut Goodie Anniversary tins featuring the original Nut Goodie design from 1912, and with six individually wrapped Nut Goodie candy bars inside."


                    Edited to add: AND the latte was delicious, IMO. :)

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                      Along those same lines, Izzy's has had a Nut Goodie ice cream this year in honor of Pearson's 100th anniversary. I'm not a huge fan of maple (except on pancakes!) so Nut Goodies in general aren't my thing, but Hubster LOVES it. The ice cream is a nougat and maple ice cream with a splash of maple syrup and swirls of salty peanuts and chocolate covered peanuts.

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                        Yeah, it's pretty tasty, even if you're not a huge Nut Goodie fan. And you could get a scoop of salted caramel to go with it!

                    2. Saw these at Byerly's today. They had lots of them on an end cap.

                      1. I tried one, got it at Byerly's. I think the original is perfection, but I wanted to try the caramel as well. Sticking with the original.

                        1. On sale right now at Lund's. $15.99 for a case of 24 or 70 cents each. At the Highland Park store, feature on an end cap and on a cart by the frozen juice for some odd reason.

                          1. Anyone remember the seven up? My favorite candy of all time.

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                              My mom talks about the seven up all the time. Her all time favorite candy bar. I did a pretty thorough internet search and sadly, they don't make them anymore.

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                                I remember the Seven Up. It was good, but couldn't top a frozen Milk Shake candy bar on a hot day at the swimming pool.

                              2. Byerly's St. Louis Park had them yesterday.