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Dec 5, 2012 05:06 PM

Costa Mesa's Jinya - Special Menu Items

I don't know if other locations are doing this, but Costa's Jinya has several special ramens right now.

I tried the chicken tan ramen (I think it was called, red broth w/ beaten egg) it was ok... regular chicken ramen is better.

Then I tried the "tokyo tonkotsu" - a tonkotsu ramen with bonito shavings...

WOW. That was the best ramen I've had in my life, hands down. Only thing I should mention is they were pretty skimpy on the chashu, I definitely recommend ordering it with extra,

Must try.

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  1. funny...i tried those 2 a couple wks ago as well!! the tan tan mostly for the $3 (or 3.50??) deal. agree with you in that it was just ok initially, but the special deal price made it better. the tokyo tonkotsu was pretty good...the bonito made the broth interesting in a good way.

    and yayee for cotton candy!! ;)

    1. I wish their ramen stayed chewier longer. The first bite is okay. After 1-2 minutes the ramen becomes a bit soft. Their soft boiled egg is so darned good. If only Yamadaya could make eggs like Jinya does.

      However, I still find myself going to Yamadaya for the shio ramen more than 9/10 times now. Yamadaya Costa Mesa now has added shrimp wonton as a ramen topping which you get 1 of with the shio ramen. I like to supplement with an additional order (6 to an order).

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        +1 on Jinya' soft boiled egg with Yamadaya ramen. My friends and I have thought about getting the Jinya soft boiled eggs to go and bringing them with us to Yamadaya.

        1. re: Porthos

          I've given Yamadaya many chances. I used to live right by the culver city one. I've tried basically all their soups at 3 branches.

          And I have NO IDEA what you guys see in that place.

          Different strokes, I guess? The bonito in that tokyo tonkotsu really takes it to a new level though, and you're right, their egg is amazing