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Dec 5, 2012 04:44 PM

Shrimp cocktail, closer to the ocean is better but I will drive

So... I was dining at Pacos Tacos in Culver City (I think, it could be near a border) with Darling Dad and ordered a shrimp cocktail. With a blended margarita of course. It got me thinking:

Where in LA can one get a delicious old school continental OR Mexican shrimp cocktail? ( I'm in Venice visiting natal home but I was born here so of courseI'll drive!)

I know these are two different requests. One is asking for fresh shrimps, possibly fussy presentation that includes a large bowl of ice as though one were a film star in the 1930's. The second request is for any delicious Mexican shrimp cocktail, that should include freshly chopped onion, avocado and cilantro, with shrimps that are not overly cooked.

Paco's was a great place but maybe not it's cocktail of shrimps: I was asked if I wanted them cold, warm or hot. Really? She meant temperature! Please educate me if I'm being a complete philistine and should know that warm shrimp cocktail is great.

Thanks to one and all. - cg

Ps Pacos Tacos was a compromise big time. DD likes Carrows and Marie Calendars. Shoot me now. Me? I'm looking forward to my high school buddy returning from her business trip and trying out Tsujita and Or Kobawoo House. It wasn't going to fly with the Dad. Pacos it was! His enchilada looked great for that kind of old school mexican dining with the searing hot dinner plates and the lovely browned cheese on top of all beans with every dinner.

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  1. I like the old school giant shrimp cocktails at Mastro's in Beverly Hills.

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      The Brentwood serves a good one. Very nice presentation, as well.

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        This [Mastro's] was going to be my recommendation. I love how it's served with dry ice in the bowl; makes for some fun theatrics while dining.

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          Lawd, me too.
          The only thing better is buying "never-frozen" Costco shrimp from Mexico and boiling it at home.

        2. Go to Santa Monica Seafood get some of their large shrimp and cocktail sauce and make your own at home. Or you can just eat there. Ditto for the Original Farmers Market Tusquellas seafood. If you want to sit downTaylors Steakhouse has exactly want you want with large shrimp

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            Second Santa Monica Seafood Cafe.....

          2. Have not tried it myself, but tacos por favor in SaMo seems to have a nice looking, large portion of a Mexican shrimp cocktail.

            1. How about going to the Hungry cat in Santa Monica Canyon. Sit at the bar, drink great Margaritas (made with fresh lime juice) and eat a boatload of "peel and eat shrimp."

              1. though i've not had that particular dish, given the quality of the shrimp, i'd bet the shrimp cocteles at coni's seafood are exemplary.
                of course, you'll have to call first and see if sergio is cook...yawn

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