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Dec 5, 2012 04:40 PM

Buffet Sunday Brunch in North or Northwest Suburbs?

Like the title says...

This is for a group of 20 that gets together every year. We prefer a Sunday brunch that's served buffet-style, rather than a la carte.

Unfortunately, some of our previous choices (Pappadeaux in Arlington Heights, Barn of Barrington) have closed and are no longer options; same for Seasons of Long Grove. Shaw's Crab House in Schaumburg is great but too expensive ($48/pp earlier this year). I'm not sure whether or not Allgauer's in Northbrook ($37) is too expensive but it may be. Last year we went to Millrose in Barrington and we all thought it was not very good so we don't want to return.

I've seen a recommendation for Winberie's in Buffalo Grove ($20) and that may be an option, one I'm exploring. I'd appreciate any additional suggestions anyone might have, preferably no more than around $30.


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  1. Its more west than north, but we've done the brunch at Pheasant Run a few times. Its ok. Not super expensive. It's no Allgauers, but it won't cost you like that either.

    PS saw you on the Vegas board lately, Im planning a trip in the spring. You sure get around :)