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Dec 5, 2012 02:31 PM

Drew's American Grille

Looking for foodie feedback on this restaurant! Menu looks good and online reviews are great to fair. What's the lowdown on Drew's?

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  1. Well, other than knowing it's in Texas, where is it?

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    1. re: rexster314

      Should have added,,, san antonio. Thx!

    2. It's just ok for me. Overpriced, and the menu is all over the place. We go for the pastrami, which is good once you pick out some of the fat and gristle. Growing up in NY/Philly, I really crave the stuff sometimes. $18 for a good sized sandwich and fries is a bit high for here. That and the $15+ individual pizzas, you can do much better for less at Dough.

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        decided to go last night.. its a handsome restaurant,, warm tho open... French Onion soup was delish w/an unremarkable small house salad abd a glass of Merlot from Paso Robles.. May pick up a pie tomorrow for the road trip back to H-town.. Saeyedoc,, head to Kenny and Ziggy's near the Galleria, Houston, for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich when you want a taste of home. I'm from Jersey (20 min from The City) and K&Z is the real deal!

      2. I agree with the doc. Drew's is a pass for me. Defintely overpriced and the food is just ok. I'm actually in Houston today - near the Galleria. Pastrami sounds pretty awesome (I'm also an East Coast transplant). I'm going to do my best to eat lunch there today - thanks for mentioning it.

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            Right before lunch, my boss came into my office and told me we needed to visit a client site and would grab lunch along the way. I ended up eating a Subway Sandwiich! If that's not grounds for quitting a job, I don't know what is!

            1. re: San Antonio Sam

              So close,, yet so far,,, away! Subway,, OMG! I actually stopped at K&Z's on Saturday for a bowl of Matzo Ball soup and split a Rueben...The melt in your mouth, corned beef was delish! BTW, for a slice of NYC try, Romano's Pizzeria or,,, for a taste of Italian pizza, Dolce Vita... Best!