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Dec 5, 2012 02:25 PM

what to do with leftover fish salads?

my parents threw our 2.5 year old her baby naming this past weekend in true jew-y style. there was an incredible spread, with copious amounts of delicious fish products. we got to take most of it home, and now that the bagels are almost all gone, along with the creamcheese and whitefish, we've still got a bunch of food left that I'm scratching my head over. We've been just eating it plain and on bread but there's still so much of it.

So other than sandwiches, what would you do with:

* tuna salad (two varieties - one with carrots and celery, one pretty much just tuna and mayo)
* fine whitefish salad (almost like a puree)
* a small amount of salmon salad
* a bunch of taramasalata
* two kinds of egg salad

we also have a small knob of lox slices...


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  1. Could turn the tuna salad into tuna casserole.

    I'd think you could also turn the various fish salads into croquettes.

    Could also fill avocado halves with the various salads, if you're tired of eating it plain or on bread.

    Could add potatoes to the egg salad, to turn it into a potato egg salad.

    Some other ways to make the egg salad more interesting:

    Could use the tuna and egg salads, to make a Tunisian tuna sandwich.

    Could also use the tuna salad as a filling in tuna turnovers/pastries.

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    1. Mix up the tuna salads and stuff the salad into mushroom caps. Top with breadcrumbs and bake them up for a yummy appetizer.
      Mix cracker crumbs into the salmon salad for salmon croquettes.
      Egg salad is a tough one. I'll have to think on that one.

      1. Toss the tuna, whitefish, & salmon salads together with cooked macaroni & bake for a casserole.

        Combine the taramasalata & egg salads & enjoy as is & as sandwiches asap.

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          Agreed I would combine them at the least. Then either eat as a salad or work it into a new dish like you suggested.

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            OK, your macaroni suggestion inspired me - I used the tuna salad in a pasta. Capellini with a tuna tomato sauce, with olives, fennel, garlic and red pepper flakes. yum! Used up the whole thing of tuna too.


          2. freeze the lox slices. They won't come out of the freezer as nice, but can be used in eggs or with pasta or something.
            The taramasalata should keep for a while in the fridge, particularly if you cover the top with a layer of olive oil.
            use the egg salads to make potato salad, as someone else suggested.
            and finally, mix together the remaining salads (if you think they would taste good together--or you can leave them separate) and make empanadas with them. Add some chopped black olives and use the crust recipe from here. It's easy. I've made them with this recipe and they come out great. I use the lard, but my Chilean friend uses margarine and they come out just as good. Crisco would probably work, too. She claims butter doesn't work as well, but I wouldn't know.

            1. Stuff celery or cucumber boats.