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Dec 5, 2012 02:20 PM

Luxardo Apricot Liqueur

I've been planning to buy apricot brandy/liqueuer so I could make a Penndennis Club cocktail and various other classics at home. I went to the liquor store today intending to buy R&W, but noticed Luxardo apricot liqueur was on sale for only $1.50 more. Having had good experiences with Luxardo products, I took a chance and went for it.

I will be cracking it open tonight, but have nothing to compare it to, having never had any apricot liqueur neat before, and having limited experience with it in mixed drinks. Has anyone tried it. How would you compare it to R&W or Marie Brizzard varieties? Is it so different that it will be giving me unauthentic results in classic cocktails, or does it match the flavor intended by a recipe that calls for apricot brandy?

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  1. It has a more nutty aspect to it akin to crème de noyeau suggesting that there is some essence of apricot kernel (inside the stone/pit) such that it comes off a little differently than R&W or Marie Brizard perhaps in a slightly amaretto-like way. The other two are more sweet apricot fruit driven.

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      Yarm, your description is exactly what I was thinking last night when I tasted it. I found myself liking the complex flavor but wishing for a more straight ahead, fruit-forward flavor in the context of a mixed drink.

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        When I tasted it, I thought that this was the closest thing on the market here to creme de noyeau. Most noyeau is fake, bottom shelf stuff. Or expensive stuff that is a distillate (stone fruit kernels have cyanide generating molecules) and is hard to find. The only other option is to make your own during peach season.

        I haven't had the Luxardo in cocktails yet (a bartender let me taste it neat one night) so I don't know how much that carries over into a mixed drink.