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Dec 5, 2012 02:09 PM

Downtown Crossing

Looking for a fun, upscale restaurant/bar in the Downtown Crossing area on a Wednesday night for 10 guys in their 40's can hang out get a good meal and good drinks - and be a bit loud at times

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        1. re: gooch

          I second JM Curley. The food, cocktails, and service are a notch above other establishments in the area (at least, other establishments around the same price point).

          1. re: huuvola

            Third for Curleys. It is pretty loud already, so ten more dudes whooping it up won't make much difference. The food and drink is excellent as well and out of the choices it is most likely to have a crowd on a Wednesday night (Stoddards likely would too, but JM Curley gets my vote between the two every time).

            1. re: ebone

              love jm curley (in fact to the point that i feel guilty posting about it again). so i agree although keep in mind- if you're looking to stand around the bar you'll be fine. If you're looking to sit together as a tensome that may be difficult given business/size of restaurant. that aside- like others have said, it punches well above its weight in terms of the quality of food, drink, service you get for its price.

        2. Marliave's? Though on a Wednesday night I'm not sure it would fit the loud and fun mark.