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Dec 5, 2012 01:40 PM

help choose: I have two range choices

i have two choices Electrolux Icon 30" all gas or GE Monogram 30" all gas. Not my first choices but replacing a Viking (LEMON) and constrained by space, electric voltage, ventilation and so forth. any commentary on these two is much appreciated.

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  1. There are plenty of 30 inch ranges available at ranging from average cost through very expensive but if you are limited to those two and only those two, see which has the best warranty and which offers an extended warranty for how long and how much, not that you should pay for an extended warranty. Next make a list of the features you like best on each, what you don't like about each, and what you can live without and what feature is a must have. I say this because it will ultimately be your decision and no one else's. Hopefully you will get some helpful user responses here. I own a Blue Star but that is not one of your choices. You may also want to check out these appliances on garden web. Good luck.

    1. Everything dcrb said and,which is easier to clean,grates,cooktop and oven racks if you cook much.
      Dollar wash,you should be able to cut a better deal,one over the other or get extended warranty thrown in.
      Good luck

      1. I've had a GE for several years and really am pleased with it. Very easy to keep clean and I believe has a much better repair record. Maybe check Consumer Reports?

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          anyone know how to remove a scratch to stainless steel? any tricks?