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Dec 5, 2012 01:40 PM

Battersby on Saturday night? Alternative?

My sister and I, (both pitifully uninformed about eating in Brooklyn) are heading to a concert at Barclay's on Saturday night. I've read quite a few threads on eating within a walk of the arena.

I think we are going to try for a table at Battersby, which opens at 5:30pm and, like most of the places I checked, does not take reservations. ( I realize that this is about a 20 minute walk from the arena.)

Questions: How early must I arrive to be sure of a table in the first seating? Arriving at 5:30ok? Anything on the menu we should not miss?

If we are not able to score a table, what should be our backup plan between Smith Street and Barclay's?

Arthur's on Smith? (opens 5pm)

Rucola? (opens 5:30pm)

Chances of finding a table for 2 around 6pm on a Saturday at any of the above? Other ideas I should consider? We'd much prefer eating outside the venue and do not mind dining early..

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  1. Right on Atlantic Ave halfway betw. Smith and Barclay Center (4 block walk). Ginny & I have been there once and really liked the food. Neither of us had the pizza (which is the major point of the place I guess) but the salads, the pasta and the entrees were all good. Nice upscale setting... large (site of the now defunct Downtown Atlantic)... and good price point. Well worth a visit. On the other side of Barclay Center (one block from Rucola). Nice informal solid N.Orleans inspired food from the chef who also does Tchoup Shop and is a long time favorite of ours. Big flavors, big food. The gumbo is great.

    1. I would suggest getting to Battersby by 5:15 at the latest. We arrived at 5 when we went on a Saturday, and were first in line; but by 5:15 or 5:20 the line was building. The place is very small!

      However, personally I would not try to go to Battersby before an 8 pm show, it seems rushed to me (given the 20 minute walk) and its really not a meal to rush (I don't think we got out of there before 9, although we were a party of four and had many courses.) I'd save it for another night and try somewhere closer to Barclay's.

      Envious that you are seeing the Stones, enjoy ;)

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        Thanks to you both! Will attempt to reach Battersby by 5:15 and will keep Krescendo as an sounds intriguing, and good. The actual show will not begin until 9pm so have plenty of time!

      2. Rucola is one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. I have only been to Battersby once and the dishes were hit and miss.