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Dec 5, 2012 12:49 PM

Where to buy fresh watercress in north/northeastern Orange County?

I've always loved watercress -- the fresher, the better! Now that I've brought my self-taught-but-marginal culinary skills up a notch, I want to feature watercress in my lunchtime salads and dinner sides. (Case in point: I'm planning to prepare a salmon filet with a honey-soy glaze, accompanied by a lightly wilted watercress salad and roasted sweet potatoes.)

Note: I've already done a Los Angeles-area Chowhound search for this thread. Considering that the economy has crushed the life out of numerous establishments, I'm hoping that fellow CHers can come up with current information on watercress availability. Since my better half and I work full time, we frankly don't have a lot of time to drive to a distant location -- that's why I'm hoping that any suggestions will be within a 10-mile radius of the Placenita-Yorba Linda area.

Many thanks, in advance, for your help. :)

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  1. Another note: The grocery stores in my immediate area either 1) don't carry fresh watercress at all (Ralph's) or 2) have limp and/or yellowing bunches for a lofty $2.29 per bunch (Stater Brothers).

    That's why I'm asking for tips re. buying fresh watercress at a reasonable price. Again, many thanks for your suggestions.

    1. Gelson's Market almost always has it in bunches.
      Sorry, but I am not sure if there is one near you.

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        Silverlakegirl and liu: Thanks to both of you for the Gelson's tip. Unfortunately, the nearest Gelson's to northern/northeastern Orange County is in the portion of Irvine near Lake Forest -- which is getting pretty close to southern Orange County. That's easily a 20-mile drive from my neck of the woods. That said, I'll be sure to check it out the Irvine Gelson's the next time my work schedule takes me to SOC.

        Surely there's at least one spot in my area that sells watercress ... right? I'lm only too happy to check out Asian markets for my favorite leafy green. Please keep the ideas coming!

      2. It is at Gelson's. Although I nearly fell over when I saw it, thinking it has disappeared from the marketplace.

        1. 99 Ranch has it. At least in N. CA where I'm at.

          1. Wholesome Choice, at La Palma and Imperial

            They have a lot of things I had given up on. Heard some visitors say, "the prices are cheaper than Texas!"