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Dec 5, 2012 12:05 PM

What is the BEST BAR To Eat at with a great social, party atmosphere and FOOD, XMAS EVE?

I have 4 friends in town.. I live in the French Quarter and would like to stay in the area. Where can we all 4 get seats (reserved prefeably) at a fun, adult cocktail, upscale bar with great food.. Who is open for Xmas Eve..I would have loved Mr B's Bistro but its closed!! Any other suggestions that are similar?
We do not want to be shoved into a romantic booth Looking to have fun and socialize with other New orleans locals..

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  1. I believe Bombay Club, Bourbon House, Rib Room, Sylvain, Cafe Giovanni, SoBou, Maximo's, Criollo and Pelican Club are all open Xmas eve.

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      Hey Thanks,
      I just booked the Pelican Club..can go to bar and have drinks there and if there are seats at bar we can eat there she told me..First come first serve at the bar. If there are no seats have a reservation for a perfect..xoM