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Dec 5, 2012 11:48 AM

Where to eat on Christmas Day in Santa Fe

We're going to be in Santa Fe on Christmas Day. We're not interested in a special Christmas dinner, we're just looking for a good restaurant serving its normal menu. We'd prefer not fancy/upscale, but if that's the only good thing available, we'll do that. We're spending a week in NM and, of course, want to eat a lot of New Mexican food, but on Christmas Day, clearly we'll be flexible.

I've checked Open Table for restaurants for dinner and the only places with tables that don't seem fancy (eg, Restaurant Martin) or whose website doesn't show a fixe prix menu for the day are Azur and La Plazauela. I'm not seeing any reviews here for Azur and the one mention of La Plazuela was definitely not favorable.

Any thoughts for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner?

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  1. I think Rancho de Chimayo is open on Christmas day, but you'd have to call and confirm that this is true for this year. It's about 15 minutes outside the city, but might be what you're looking for -- good, straightforward food and reasonably priced. I think Shibumi Ramenya will be open too. It's not cheap, but not nearly as expensive as some places in town and regularly gets rave reviews on this and other sites. It might be a nice change of pace if you're eating New Mexican food all week.