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Best Peruvian Chicken in Central or No. Jersey?

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Hello, I've been craving good pollo a la brasa with yucca and plantains since I left no. Va, where it was all over. They served it with both a green and a garlicky white sauce down there...anyone have suggestions? I love in toms river, but will def travel!

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  1. El Chevere - 228 Washington Place, Passaic

    My favorite authentic peruvian spot ever.

    Central Jersey - Latin Grill - 586 Amboy Ave, Perth Amboy

    Close 2nd

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      Let's not forget Don Alex.


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        +1 - Latin Grill in Perth Amboy... http://www.exit109.com/~mstevens/Take...

      2. There are 2 Peruvian Restaurants in Jamesburg:

        http://donpepeperuvianrestaurant.com - Very good
        http://peruviantexmexnj.com - haven't been there yet

        1. Planet Chicken in Dunellen....


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            Second Planet Chicken. Check out Yelp to read a lot of reviews.

          2. This might be further south than what you're looking for but the best peruvian I've had in nj is Super Pollo in Brick. So good!