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Dec 5, 2012 11:19 AM

Great food not too far from Faneuil Hall

We're going to a concert soon at Faneuil Hall, and one of our party is in the chorus, and will need to get there well before the concert starts. Any suggestions for a good meal for about 6-10 people that would be only about a 10 minute walk (or less) so that our friend can spend more time with us and less time getting to the "church" on time? We'll need to eat at about 5 pm or so.

Surely, we're not consigned to Quincy Market? Anything in the Financial District? I think the North End would be too far.


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  1. I might get slammed for this, but the food at Hillstone isn't terrible. In fact, their veggie burger is pretty fantastic. It's all booths inside, so ten people might be a stretch for one table, but they could definitely fit 6.

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      I don't think you will (or should) get slammed for this suggestion. I have written about my love for Hillstone's veggie burger on this board before. In fact, I even tried to replicate it at home with disasterous results.

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          yep, i have (and many others). i just don't have the "veggie" burger making touch :(

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            I understand - they say it can skip a generation. ;)

    2. The North End is not too far at all.

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        My opinion too. I haven't been to Boston in a couple of years, but as memory serves me, it wasn't much farther than 10 - 15 minute walk. You can't beat the food :)

      2. I haven't heard much about City Landing (former Sel De La Terre space, near the Aquarium T stop), but that might be an option. There's also Woodward at the Ames Hotel.

        This thread has some suggestions:

        1. I really like North26 at the Millenium hotel which is right across from Fanueil Hall

          1. If there are any Japanese food fans, I've always enjoyed Sakura Bana on Broad St. Wouldn't be crowded at about 5pm.