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Great food not too far from Faneuil Hall

We're going to a concert soon at Faneuil Hall, and one of our party is in the chorus, and will need to get there well before the concert starts. Any suggestions for a good meal for about 6-10 people that would be only about a 10 minute walk (or less) so that our friend can spend more time with us and less time getting to the "church" on time? We'll need to eat at about 5 pm or so.

Surely, we're not consigned to Quincy Market? Anything in the Financial District? I think the North End would be too far.


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  1. I might get slammed for this, but the food at Hillstone isn't terrible. In fact, their veggie burger is pretty fantastic. It's all booths inside, so ten people might be a stretch for one table, but they could definitely fit 6.

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      I don't think you will (or should) get slammed for this suggestion. I have written about my love for Hillstone's veggie burger on this board before. In fact, I even tried to replicate it at home with disasterous results.

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          yep, i have (and many others). i just don't have the "veggie" burger making touch :(

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            I understand - they say it can skip a generation. ;)

    2. The North End is not too far at all.

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        My opinion too. I haven't been to Boston in a couple of years, but as memory serves me, it wasn't much farther than 10 - 15 minute walk. You can't beat the food :)

      2. I haven't heard much about City Landing (former Sel De La Terre space, near the Aquarium T stop), but that might be an option. There's also Woodward at the Ames Hotel.

        This thread has some suggestions:

        1. I really like North26 at the Millenium hotel which is right across from Fanueil Hall

          1. If there are any Japanese food fans, I've always enjoyed Sakura Bana on Broad St. Wouldn't be crowded at about 5pm.

            1. The north end is an easy walk just across the rose Kennedy. It's the direction I would go.

              1. The North End is very close and dense with possibilities

                1. Thanks so much! I hadn't considered Hillstone or North 26, which are both very "doable" for our circumstances. Although the North End certainly isn't far, for this particular circumstance, it is. I'm also looking at Woodward, Silvertone and Marliave. Hillstone and North 26 are both a lot closer (for our tenor) and look like a good balance between atmosphere and cost. Keep those suggestions coming!

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                    I'm confused by your thinking, unless you're just trying to avoid the North End completely, but Marliave is easily a few blocks farther away from Faneuil Hall and Silveryone is at least twice as far as the NE?

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                      I am similarly confused. Especially now that Silvertone is in play. Thats way farther away than the North End.

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                        silvertone and marliave are about equidistant to faneuil hall vs. the north end. and unless you're just tipping into the north end, it's at least a 10 minute walk, especially with a group cuz groups always walk slowly. (why is that?)

                        there is a mccormick's and schmick's which might work too. yes, a chain, but fast ticket times and not terrible.

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                          Because I'm a major NIT, I Google mapped walking routes from Durgin Park (The middle of Faneuil Hall) to Neptune Oyster (.3 mi.) or L'Osteria (.4 miles) vs to Silverstone (.6 miles). Clearly not a huge difference either way but about 8 minutes to the heart of the NE and 12 or so to Silverstone. Can't see why any of those would be discarded as a choice due to distance.

                          Personally, if it were me, I'd just do McCormick and Schmick's as you mentioned. Food won't kill you and it's right there in the marketplace. Plus, if they eat in the bar they can get some decent apps and burgers during happy hour at give-away prices.

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                            If we're picking major nits, Durgin Park is in the middle of Quincy Market, and the concert is presumably in Faneuil Hall, a separate building.

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                              Even better for the NE then as Google Maps would not route you through the building, thus you had to walk around the North Market building, PAST Faneuil Hall and onward to the NE. That saves about 500 feet! :-P

                              Nits Unite!

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                                Actually, Durgin Park is in the North Market building, so not in the middle.

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                                Thanks everyone! Marliave and Silvertone WERE too far for this circumstance. It turned out that one of the concertgoers was on crutches, and one was in her later 80s, so we went with McCormick and Schmicks, both before the concert for dinner (our singer had a quick salad, and then had to leave to prepare), and afterwards for a large after-concert drink. Our singer at that point happily enjoyed a nice looking burger. It really wound up being the perfect place for this occasion, and the service was accommodating, quick and friendly, the food decent, and atmosphere very nice. We had a great time. Happy Holidays and Thanks to all!

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                          I think Marliave is a nice choice for your criteria, if you don't mind the 10 minute walk of course. There should be no problem for a party of that size at around 5pm either. Their menu has both lunch-type items and dinner all day. I like the sandwiches personally (most notably the Mrs. Marliave) as they make their bread in-house, but my general experience is that their food is quite good. I also like the Boston history it holds as well.

                        3. I've always liked Durgin Park right in Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

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                              c, is duck on the menu at DP? that's what i used to get there 40 yrs ago, but when checking the menu for some recent CH visitors, duck wasn't on the menu, so i figured they had removed it. Maybe it's seasonal?...................

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                                Oh Opinionated one, I think that DUCK flew right over your head!

                          1. Anthem is right across the street still, right? We had a nice lunch there last year.

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                              Yeah, I've had not terrible food there as well. I would go there in a pinch if I had to do something close to FH. I remember the chips and onion dip were delicious... the lobster cobb was good... the soft shell tacos and the flatbread pizza all were very good. It's not a destination, but if you are at Faneuil Hall looking for a meal - this is your best bet.

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                                I can't really remember much of my meal that I had many years ago, but I do remember their fabulous fried twinkie!

                              2. do NOT go to neptune oyster with 6 people. or silvertone!

                                1. How about Blue Inc.? It's close, reasonably priced , and I've seen some good reports although never been myself.

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                                    Blue Inc. is probably not a good spot for a group that large.