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Dec 5, 2012 11:13 AM

Best Restaurant for Vegetarian & Meat Eater?

I'd like to purchase a gift certificate to a nice restaurant as a "thank you" present. The couple that I want to give this is mostly veg, but eats some seafood...and the other is a meat-eating dude (Ringside is his favorite restaurant in town). I know that many restaurants here have a "veg option" -- but I'd love to find a place where the vegetarian has multiple options, not just the "veg option."

Here are the ones I've narrowed it down to:


I'm not impressed with Riffle, so that's out of the equation. Can you think of other restaurants I should consider?

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  1. Those are three great choices right there. I'd probably add Nostrana to that list. I've had awesome salads and whole fish there, and their huge steak is one of the best ever.

    And possibly Laurelhurst market too. I've had great fish and veggie dishes there too (along with awesome steaks).

    Ox is very meat-centric, but every veg and fish/seafood dish I have had there has been equally amazing.

    1. As a veg/fish eater with an omnivore partner...and having been there, the cooked meat smell of Laurelhurst market was a bit too much for me...
      Aviary might be to adventurous for the Ringside Afficiando, but it has wonderful food...also, you might look at the Noisette menu, as there seem to be choices, and I have heard good things. My fave meal was at Castagna...another food adventure!!!!

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        Nostrana - great addition! Thanks for that!

        While I love Castagna, it may be a bridge too far for the steak dude...maybe.

        Thanks for your thoughts!

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          If the cooked meat smell at LM is too much for you...don't go to Ox. ;o)

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            I figured that...about OX...but good to have it confirmed! Thank you!

        2. I am a vegetarian and my husband is a carnivore, so we deal with this all the time.

          My favorites-
          Nedd Ludd
          Oven and Shaker
          Toro Bravo

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            Great suggestions! I somehow always forget about Andina! I ended up going with clarklewis...but thank you so much for your input! I'll keep this list as suggestions for dining out with them!