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Dec 5, 2012 10:57 AM

Need some help for weekend

In town for Army/Navy game with some dads and upper teen sons..all well behaved and can be in a burger joint just as easy as a 4 star rest...and have a few questions. Staying by Ritten House Sq. a few questions I need help with please.

1- Is there a train from RHS to Lincoln Financial and/or a point along the way where i can stop get beers and sandwhiches and head to tailgate.

2- After game where to head for dinner? Is it worth heading back to RHS? Whats about Mac's Tavern on market (Kids love Always Sunny) ? Italian? Just looking for a good place to eat then let kids free while adults hit a bar. maybe an area to hang....

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You would take the subway on SEPTA (the orange or Broad Street Line) south to the last stop which is the AT&T Station these days thanks to a hefty donation (it used to be the Pattison station). You have to walk to Broad St. from the Rittenhouse area to get to the subway. Probably the closest stop for you would be at Walnut/Locust Sts. The fare is $2 per trip or get tokens for $1.55 at places around town. As far as stops on the way to pick up booze and food not real sure but someone will chime in where to go.

      As far as dinner there are a lot of good choices around Rittenhouse (Parc, Dandelion) on 13th St. (Zavino), or lots in Old City. It all depends on what type of food you want and how much you want to spend.

      1. How about The Black Sheep ? i was online the Nodding Head brewpub looks nice...thanks again much appreciated.

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          If you are looking for pub kind of places, I would suggest Dandelion, Good Dog, perhaps Tria if you want something more upscale.

          In terms of getting sandwiches to take to the game, you could get off at the Ellsworth/Federal stop and walk to Chickie's Deli (10th and Federal) and get a great hoagie there and then walk back to the broad street line and continue to the game.

        2. Depending on where you are staying it might be a few blocks out of the way, but Primo's at 21st & Chestnut makes good hoagies and is is next to a deli that has a good beer takeout selection, lots of imports and micros (kind of pricy though).

          From there the subway is a farther walk, but you can get on the trolley at 22nd St & Market St (eastbound) which has a free transfer to the subway (get off at the second stop -- think it's called 15th St). The transfer is a little crazy because of construction and the general craziness of Philly's transit concourse but just follow the signs to Broad Street Line or ask someone, it's not too bad. Note that the trolley station doesn't have a token a machine so you'd need exact change or have bought tokens or a pass in advance.

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          1. re: barryg

            Barry would you do Primos over Chickies?

            1. re: cwdonald

              Not at all, but it is more convenient getting on/off subway and walking 8 extra blocks. If OP is going that route they could hit Bella Vista Beer Distributor to buy a case instead of 6packs from the deli -- definitely cheaper and also has a great selection. And not subject to the 18-bottle-per-person limit the deli has.

            2. re: barryg

              Also you could check out Jake's Sandwich Board, just a couple blocks from the Walnut-Locust subway station. I think there is a beer takeout on 13th St near there. There is definitely one on 15th St not far from there, forget the specifics.

            3. You guys have been great thanks seriously...I think im staying at the alexander Inn ..N.12th and market...jakes and beer take out seems like a perfect option....

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                Ok. That isn't Rittenhouse, usually called Gayborhood or more the more realtor-friendly Midtown Village. And just to be clear the Alexander Inn is at 12th & Pine, 4 blocks south of Market St.

                There is also a Primo's on 11th St right near there, not sure if Jake's does cold sandwiches. If you want to get fancy (and expensive) with beer, check out the Foodery at 10th & Pine.

                1. re: barryg

                  You could also get off of the subway at Oregon Ave, walk to Packer Ave and go to Pastificio for hoagies (in the same shopping center as Chickie's and Pete's). From there, it's another brief walk down to the Linc. Only thing is, no beer there.

                  1. re: barryg

                    If you're at 12th and Pine you should head a few blocks south and hit South St. While Philly is no BBQ haven, Percy Street BBQ on 10th at South has excellent brisket and sweet potatoes and a wide beer selection while Brauhaus Schmitz is a few more blocks to the east.

                    I think the OP was thinking 12th and Market because he knew that he had to visit Reading Terminal?

                    1. re: bluehensfan

                      Yeah Percy Street or Brauhaus could good for after the game, dads and teens should enjoy both.

                      1. re: bluehensfan

                        Percy St. does good takeout too, that might be a good choice to take tailgating.

                        1. re: Buckethead

                          Reading Terminal for sandwiches etc.
                          Now, Question: Do the wants of the kids come first for dinner? Because Jones will fill the bill (probably for most everyone) but undoubtedly for the kids who will flip for the place. It's Steven Starr's comfort food place.

                          1. re: arepo

                            Nah, the kids will go wherever we bring them and they are pretty open to anything.. fish, pub food, steak, ribs anything really..I appreciate all the suggestions... we just never get to Philly much and want to make sure we make the right choice and who knows better than us hounders...tks again

                          2. re: Buckethead

                            Percy Street opens at 11:30 AM on Saturday so it's a good possibility. And then you can just head on the subway at the South St. station. Aric (the manager) at Percy Street is very helpful. I just took out a pecan pie last week from there for a party later in the day and it was a big hit.