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Dec 5, 2012 10:57 AM

Foodgame, Dublin

Anyone been? It got a great review in last week's Irish Times:

The chef, Richard Gleeson, has a great CV for this kind of thing - Ottolenghi and Petersham Nurseries. I've booked in for a trip to Dublin later this month, will report back.

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  1. Please do report back, I'll be in Dublin next month.

    1. Excellent dinner here the Saturday before Christmas. I managed to taste most of the menu and was very impressed. Lots of vibrant flavours happily knocking up against one another. Not hiding the Ottolenghi influences but adding its own individuality and showcasing some top class Irish ingredients (we may not have a cuisine worth speaking of but we can certainly produce the, eh, produce). The highlights for me were the roasted beetroot with pickled red cabbage, hung sour cream and tarragon, and the slow-roasted spiced shoulder of Roscommon lamb, yoghurt soup with sweet potato and spinach.

      Another mention in The Irish Times this morning getting the nod for "salad of the year". It seems you CAN win friends with salad.

      Highly recommended.