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Best Wedding Venues for 2013 wedding Carlisle/Harrisburg

Trying to pin down what sort of wedding we want to have. Ideally we want a multicultural foods heavy hors d'oeuvres reception. We would like to do it in 2013 for approximately 120 people. Food is the major concern but venue is also a factor. Are there any caterers or restaurants that can manage this sort of thing? We live in Carlisle and don't want to travel too far to plan our wedding. Multicultural is not a deal breaker if the food is stellar. I am Italian American and his family is PA Dutch food historically.

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  1. Give your local American Legion or VFW a call, most specialize in that PA Dutch wedding favorite - stuffed chicken breasts with yellow gravy! Tee Hee....I couldn't resist the tease!

    Mr. CB and I agree that if we had it to do over again, we would do a cocktail-hors d'oeuvres type of reception.

    The Hershey Hotel? There are lots of lovely areas there.


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      Ahh yes the good ole' VFW, American Legion or Fire Hall wedding, a rural PA classic! Great picture of my cousin in tux with bride, all in white, posing (unknowingly) in front of a 1950"s era Frigidaire with a mop and bucket next to it! And you had "stuffed chicken breasts" now that is definitely a level up!

    2. I've been to this stuffed chicken with yellow gravy wedding all too many times. My fiancé really is looking for cuisines of the world but I figure we can take what we can get.

      1. Maybe you could rent out Cafe Bruges for the night. . . I'm not sure it would even hold 120, though.

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          This would be incredibly convenient but I think you are right about the capacity. I actually never thought of this and am wondering is we could pull setting like this off. We can also try pairing down this list which honestly might have a lot of dead weight. My fiancé made his half of the list six years ago and I think there can be some definite deletions.

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            Carlisle is a hike for us, but we make special trips to eat there. DH works for a Belgian company, so when he has had a long stretch between trips to headquarters, he needs his fix on food, but especially beer. Anyway, point is that I don't know other restaurants in town, but perhaps there is one you both like that COULD accommodate you? You'd probably need to be willing to have the wedding at an "off" time though, like a Sunday afternoon. You could also just ask at favorite restaurants if they are willing to do any catering. Sorry I don't know more about food/catering/venue options west of the river. I wish I did.

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              We aren't adverse to the East shore but don't want to go too far past Middletown I guess. Majority of people will be coming from Shippensburg or Central MD so south could work as well. A bunch from CT too but at that point it is all the same and I expect they will get a hotel.

        2. This wouldn't be very multicultural or hors d'eouvres, but it also wouldn't be stuffed chicken :). When I got married a few years ago, my husband and I chose Wilson College dining hall, which had a historic feel. Food was on the good side of average, and prices were very reasonable. We did a lunch, but it was steak salad and grilled chicken sandwich - about what you would expect at a decent American restaurant. Just an idea if you wanted to make it easier those from Shippensburg and MD. As for Carlisle, Bangkok Wok and/or Bombay Junction are close enough and would probably cater...

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            Oh! And have you checked out Cedars? I don't know if they could help, but it's good Lebanese food in Camp Hill.

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              This is where I am leaning. I have to find out if they still cater but they did when I was in college.

          2. A lot of colleges will rent out space. Although not in the area, but just to give you an idea, we rented out a lovely hall in a private college in Williamsport PA - Lycoming College. They had a caterer they worked with (or you could bring in your own) and it was very easy to pull off. It was gorgeous at night as we were surrounded by glass floor to ceiling windows that overlooked gardens and the quad. Also, musuems are great spaces too. Be creative.


            1. Had to nix the mulitcultural thing but have secured a venue/caterer and nailed down a menu.

              Milestone in the River-Harrisburg
              JDK is the in house caterer

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                Thanks for the update! Milestone looks like a stunning venue. Cograts on the decision, your wedding will be beautiful.

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                  That looks very nice. Wsh something like that was around back when we married. Congrats again and please report back with your impression after your reception.

                2. Update:
                  Wedding occurred on Oct. 12.
                  JDK catered:

                  Hors D'ouevres: Antipasto table, chicken and waffles with gravy bites, duck confit with blue cheese on brioche toasts, mini burgers, crab and corn chowder with jalapeno and popcorn garnish.

                  We supplied our own liquor and beer.
                  Beer selection: Yuengling, Lionshead Light (PA represent), Sam Adams Octoberfest (had our first vacation in Boston), Woodchuck 802 Cider (my family is from Middlebury VT)

                  Dinner: salad (field greens with apple and blue cheese), filet and crabcake with fingerling potatoes and roasted vegetables. Vegetarian option of vegetable stack.

                  Dessert: Sweet Sanctions (out of Lebanon) mini cupcakes (cinnamon bun, chocolate hazlenut espresso, coconut cream, coke float, pumpkin apple, carrot cake, and a few salt caramel by mistake),
                  Lucibellos's bakery out of New Haven, CT tray of Italian cookies (plus another made by my great Aunt)
                  Leo's Ice Cream (Carlisle) scooped ice cream, cup or cone (pumpkin, salt caramel, chocolate, raspberry)

                  Highly recommend all of our vendors. Did a brunch at Mangia Qui the next morning for our out of town family. Bricco the nigth before for the rehearsal dinner.

                  Bricco's menu:
                  vegetarian small plates: olive tapendade, carrots and beets, something else,
                  table shared appetizers: sweet potato ravioli, kennent square mushroom pizza, fried calamari with chili bacon sauce
                  choice of entree: grilled pork chop with mac and cheese and roasted brussels sprouts, braised short rib over polenta with mushroom, sea bass in a saffron brodo with tomato
                  dessert: tasting of three apples (sorbet, tart and pie)

                  Although it wasn't our foods of the world wedding, it pleased more people than just the two of us and sometimes that is what a wedding is all about. Bringing two families together.

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                    Thanks for posting your update, it sounds like a lovely wedding! I hope you have a long & happy marriage & continue to enjoy good food together....

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                      chicken and waffles with gravy bites


                      How perfect for a central PA wedding!

                      Glad to hear it all went well and you were pleased with the food.

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                        Congratulations, Melpy! I was wondering if this event had occurred yet, so thanks for the update.

                        Everything sounds so delicious, I am glad you were happy with the results.