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Dec 5, 2012 09:39 AM

kosher party room in westchester or bronx

anyone know of any space that can accomodate under 50 kids and dj that is not too expensive?

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    1. re: craigcep

      thanks craig,
      the shuls around our area charge way too much for my budget. i was just wondering if there was any new place that i am not aware of.

    2. Try Ginger Grill in Riverdale, Bx. They have closed the restaurant on special occasions. Contact Jeff (the owner) at 718-601 7763. Under the VAAD of Riverdale. He has special party menus.

      1. Why does it need to be a kosher party room? You have a separate thread looking for a kosher caterer. Would any party room that will let your caterer in work? Most of these kosher locations will probably have in house caterers and leave you with no choice in the matter.

        1. You could try Riverdale Temple, on Independence Avenue in Riverdale. I don't know about catering there, but I am pretty sure it is a kosher facility.

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          1. I've been reading your threads on both space and food cost. Based on what you seek, you should find out what local condominiums rent their common/party rooms. You may have a friend who can sponsor you. The cost is often less than $200. Your menu lends itself to premade dairy trays from a place like Supersol (I'm not recommending them, this is a point of reference). Then hire 2 waitresses to keep the buffet table full, bus empties and make coffee, tea. You could buy a couple of 30 cup urns for less than $100.
            You could bring this in at much less than the $2000 you mentioned in your other post.

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            1. re: bagelman01

              i really appreciate everyone's advice! this is a learning process for me and my plan has been changing daily. it seems like i have some wiggle room with regards to the menu for a kiddush-i was mainly wondering if there was anything new out there that i was not aware of, foodwise or rental space-and i see that there really isn't!
              i am going to rent a community type house (small) in northern westchester-for around $350. i was just concerned that the non-kosher kitchen would be an issue but i have since found out that i just need someone to oversee that the food is not messed with and that nobody brings in food from the outside.