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Dec 5, 2012 09:23 AM

Food at the Mansion - Renaissance Hotel?

Anyone been to an event at the Mansion at the Renaissance Hotel in White Plains and can comment on the food?

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  1. I've had other meals there, including a number of Thanksgiving buffets. It's good hotel food - definitely not bad, but nothing special.

    1. We went to a Bat Mitzvah there this Fall and actually remarked to each other that the food, particularly dinner, was very good- especially for a hotel affair.

      1. Had both daughters' Bat Mitzvahs at the Mansion, and food was part of the equation. Not "gourmet" of course (in my life I've had magnificent food at only one affair) but pretty good compared to the two dozen other places where we attended affairs. If the food wasn't good we wouldn't have used the place-certainly not at that price per person. And when the time came they met our expectations in every respect.

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            Thanks for the responses - that is good to hear. Am looking into having a Bar M lunch there. Was there anything you ordered you would (or would not) recommend? Any other suggestions about holding it there? Thank you!

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              The individual cocktail hour items and pass arounds were all pretty good, Next time I would de-emphasize the pasta (never anything special about pasta at an affair). Entrees are OK but never worth getting too worked up about and it's not worth adding much to the cost per person to increase the entree selections in my opinion. Everyone's full and tipsy at that point and nobody cares much about the entree. The dessert was good, and nicely displayed.