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Dec 5, 2012 08:25 AM


Stopped by on Monday.
Very comfortable space and friendly staff.
about a dozen bar spaces were full at around 7:30.
Tried a few items.
- Sausage and chicken gumbo. an excellent rendition. smoky flavor. quite spicy
- watermelon radish salad (actually watermelon, radish and onion). really fresh and bright tasting
- buttermilk fried pickles. large plate of a variety of veggies. The cucumbers were sweeter, bread and butter style, but the other veggies -- carrots, onions, peppers, seemed like were brined in a different, not sweet brine (and i liked them better). the breading was very light (almost tempura like)
- chicken liver deviled eggs (3 halves) rich tasting. liver was not heavy handed
- fried chicken with bacon mac and cheese and kale. good fried chicken, though the gravy made the chicken crust less crispy. very large portion of mac an cheese. kale was a nice surprise -- very lightly cooked rather than heavily sauteed.
large beer selection, no liquor. i was interested in wine. wine list was inexpensive, but fairly limited. about a 1/2 dozen each red and white, all available by the glass or bottle. glasses range around $7-9.

Interesting menu, though on the heavy side, the kale and watermelon salad were a light, bright and pleasant surprise.

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  1. Unfortunately, we had a little bit of a different experience tonight. My wife had undercooked catfish, I ordered a "flank steak" which was pretty clearly a NY strip, and a not so great one at that and doused in A1. Fried chicken for one DC was just ok, limp, greasy fries with another plate. Waiter was pushing a special of catfish cakes appetizers, which suggested to me that they are already having issues. We order hush puppies that were sort of limp and tired pups.

    I thought the buttermilk- fried pickles were good, but my DCs not so much.

    Good draft beers - half pint pours available.

    Just a vibe of things not running quite right, sorry to say.