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Dec 5, 2012 07:37 AM

January 2013 Openings and Closings

Whoa, felt weird to type that year.

Looks like Boston Chops, the "alternative" steak place from the Deuxave / dbar folks, will try to open in the old Banq / Ginger Park space on Washington Street in the South End in mid-January.

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  1. While I appreciate knowing the openings/closings of restaurants isn't it a bit premature to be starting this thread on December 5th? Espcially since restaurant openings are notoriously pushed back?

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    1. re: mats77

      He's posting about a January opening in a January thread. What's the problem? I for one appreciate having things to look forward to. If these threads depend on openings not being pushed back, we can stop them all together.

      1. re: Gabatta

        Sorry. I just didn't see anything new in the post. I guess I better start the February 2013 Openings and Closings thread and mention that Sully's at Castle Island will be opening for the season ;)

        1. re: mats77

          The best thing about the internet is that you can always find someone to get fired up over the most innocuous things.

          1. re: mats77

            Hey, you've got at least one person who agrees w/ you mats77.

            1. re: mats77

              I wouldn't call Sully's an "opening" in the sense of a "great new hot dog place on Castle Island!".. but it is well worth posting on a thread so people know when they can start wolfing down those hot dogs..

              They are less expensive in the later winter, right? Like 2x1 or half price?

          2. re: mats77

            MC is just trying to beat me to the punch. ;-)

            Seriously, though, I think it's a great idea to start these early if there are restaurants that are specifically opening or closing in a given month.

            P.S. I wonder if Casablanca might be on this list soon. If not, I guess the question "How can we miss you if you don't go away" might start to apply here.

            1. re: mats77

              We all know that opening dates move, but this felt like news to me. The prior projected opening date was "sometime this winter". Also, construction is well along, and they got their liquor license issue knocked down.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                I think the post was appropriate. Thanks for always sharing the cutting edge news!

              2. re: mats77

                I don't understand the problem. These month ahead postings have been on this board for a long time and many of us really appreciate them. And I certainly appreciate the insider info Mc Slim JB has.

                As for Sully's there is also a tradition of "seasonal opening news" threads on this board.

              3. According to the splash screens on the registers, J Pace and son's restaurant "Rosaria", located on the second floor of their newish Saugus building, is scheduled to open in January.

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                1. re: Chris VR

                  They put a little flyer in my shopping bag yesterday, it says fine dining, steakhouse & functions.

                2. Bon Me is supposed to open at One Kendall in January. Their name has been posted on all of the One Kendall directories for a few weeks, but I'm still not sure where it's going to actually be.

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                  1. re: mkfisher

                    Pretty much right next to West Bridge, above the old Think Tank space.

                    1. re: bostonbroad

                      Is there vacant space there? I thought that's a salon, dentist office, then the Friendly Toast? I thought the only empty space in that building is on the ground floor?

                      1. re: mkfisher

                        There's a vacant space tucked in there. I haven't walked by in about a month, but there was a sign on one of the doors, but I can't remember exactly how it was laid out. I do know I was leaving West Bridge when I saw it and was surprised because I thought it was going in on the Think Tank level.

                        1. re: bostonbroad

                          You are indeed correct. Walked by last Friday night. The windows are papered over, but you can make out some stuff inside. Looks like the place has been dry walled, but not much else. January would seem like a stretch at this point.

                    2. re: mkfisher

                      This is very good news. Been getting bored with the options in that neighborhood now that I have been working onsite at an office nearby so very much.

                    3. Society on High, from the Les Zyg/Sorrisso folk, is said to be opening sometime shortly after the new year.

                      1. A new beer and wine shop is opening at 86 Trapelo Rd. in Waltham in the old Cask and Keg shop, according to the Brand New Watch blog. The owner of the Washington Square Tavern in Brookline will be the owner. The shop will feature "accessible" wines mostly under $20, with some small batch wines from time to time. It will offer delivery and sell Iggy's breads and some cheeses.

                        This sounds promising. Hopefully parking won't be too tough, but other than that the location right outside of Waverly Square works for me.

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                        1. re: bear

                          K-2 Beer and Wine is "coming soon" on Medford St in Magoun Square Somerville. Same owners, but different location than the existing K-2 Convenience store.

                          Also the Portuguese-owned deli further down Medford Street (near Sycamore) shut a few months back, although I believe they stopped selling (perishable) Portuguese products a long while ago.

                          1. re: itaunas

                            Curious what K2 Beer & Wine will offer that Woody's and the place further up B'way offers. Apparently they're planning on "upscale" products, although without the knowledgeable staff of say Ball Square Liquors a 1/3 of a mile away, it can only try.

                            I do hope that Daddy Jones helps to draw some more stable life into Magoun Square.

                            1. re: yarm

                              The license they acquired is just beer and wine, so Woody's, the place with the Paul Revere sign, the place at Pescatore, and Ball Square will offer more than them. Don't quote me, but I think they wanted to use the license for the store itself, but could only get approval as a separate entity. I assume they could still get a CV license for that store alone and do something like Central Bottle or Dave's Pasta but both concepts seem slightly ahead of the neighborhood. That said, a better selection of craft beer might be something unique in that area.

                            2. re: itaunas

                              And incidentally the deli mentioned above just reopened under a different name which I can't remember (name of a person like "Manny's" or Danny's) and K-2 is now has signs saying they'll have food. The deli had a handwritten sign which mentioned "portuguese" but based on a quick glance at 30 MPH it looked singular so more likely referencing the language not "produtos portugueses" or the equivalent, unlike the sign from the previous deli.

                            3. re: bear

                              The owner of Washington Square Tavern has great taste in wines and usually good deals in his restaurant - pre-kids we were regulars. This is definitely worth checking out - thanks for the heads up!

                              1. re: bear

                                Passed by today - signs are up and they're open. Beaver Brook Bottles. They're still settling in. Owner was there and happy to provide guidance. Looks like a wide selection. Parked on the street out front.

                                1. re: bear

                                  I noticed a serious change in the menu at WST last time I looked. Prices increased a bit but the food does sound good. Lots of house made Charcuterie now. I've always enjoyed drinks there but had a lackluster meal there about a year ago and haven't eaten there since. Anyone tried any of the new menu?

                                  Also is it a new chef or just new menu?