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Dec 5, 2012 07:35 AM

Frozen Brussels Sprouts

My kid loves brussels sprouts, the more overcooked the better. Given the price and seasonality of fresh brussels sprouts, I was wondering if I could buy the frozen sprouts (dirt cheap compared to fresh) and defrost and then roast them. Since overcooking is desirable I'm not worried about that part. I just wonder how the taste would hold up and if they would actually disintegrate if I tried to roast. I don't use frozen vegetables all that often and I have very little experience cooking them.

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  1. Hi rockycat---awesome that your kids love the brussel sprouts! My H and I both love them too, and I buy a lot of the frozen ones. I have better luck doing a saute of the frozen brussel sprouts to achieve tenderness, but certainly you could roast them. Do the usual---grease the cookie sheet/oven pan well, toss them with olive oil and S&P, and make sure you get them in a single layer.

    1. Childhood brussels sprouts and lima bean lover here.

      We always have a freezer full of BS and roast BS are always on the T-giving menu as well as served several times a month.

      Dont bother to defrost or grease a sheet. Just throw them in a bowl and add salt,pepper and olive oil (and garlic, etc if you like). Toss onto your cookie sheet and roast at 425. They do come out really soft this way, but have a nice nutty flavor if you've gotten them browned a bit.

      1. Frankly, unless super-fresh on-the-stalk brussels sprouts are available in the market, or I have my own in the garden, frozen are just fine. My favorite brand is "Hanover's Petite Brussels Sprouts". They're small, tender, & sweet. I've never roasted them, but boiled until "just" tender, drained, & then tossed with butter, salt, & freshly-ground black pepper? Delicious!!

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          Bacardi, I was content with boiled brussels sprouts until I roasted them a couple years ago - you will never go back, they are so good. I have only roasted fresh, I'm watching to see how rockycat does with the roasted frozen.

        2. Frozen is fine - and I don't believe you can make a Brussels sprout disintegrate unless you dunk it in hydrochloric acid. :-) Another good way to cook them is sauteing in a skillet, that's how I do them after cutting them in halves or quarters. Whether you can overcook them that way, I don't know, but the browning especially on the cut side creates a delicious savory flavor, especially if you use bacon fat..

          Trader Joe's sells frozen small Brussels sprouts from Brussels - I like them.

          1. I roast the frozen Brussels sprouts from trader joes. Frozen, on a cookie sheet, at 400 or 425. Salt, pepper or lemon pepper or chili powder. If I remember in the morning I'll defrost the bag on the counter, but they roast fine either way. My daughter likes them roasted, chopped, and mixed with mashed potatoes

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              Good to know. Thanks! :)

              And how cute & intuitive that your daughter has invented her own version of Irish "Champ" (a traditional mix of cooked greens & mashed potatoes).

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                If it involves mashed potatoes, she'll eat it. I usually introduce a new or unloved veggie mixed in with mashed potatoes she can't say " potato" yet, but she'll bring me a raw one and tell me eat dis now.

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                  Ok. For the first and let me add "successful" time I have roasted frozen solid Brussels sprouts. I put the in a bowl, saturated with olive oil, sprinkled with garlic salt, and pepper. Baked them for 45 minutes, then brushed them with a little more olive oil and sprinkled reg. salt on them. I almost didn't want to eat anything else I made. Yum.