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Asian Meatballs

My 2 young grandsons are coming for the holidays and they are hooked on Asian meatballs at the moment. I've been searching menus online, but haven't found any. Does anyone know of any restaurants in Dallas that serve them? I'll go to any part of town! Hey, that's what grandmas do.

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  1. Yao Fuzi in Plano has a dish called something like lion's head meatballs. I like the restaurant very much.

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      Oh, yes! I forgot about that restaurant. Thanks!

    2. You'll find Iionshead at any shanghai style restaurant. There's one by Maxims that used to still have the old "Taiwan Cafe 2" sign up. Not sure if they moved the sign but it's a good Shanghainese restaurant with lionshead, among other items.

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      1. Try Dalat's pork meatball pho

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          It's excellent. As is all their pho. I had their chicken pho yesterday.

        2. Any particular kind of meatball they are looking for?

          Japanese, Vietnamese, Persian, Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Thai???

          Every Asian culutre has a meatball or even balls of veggies that resemble meat......kinda hard to suggest all of them.

          Any particular meat? Lamb, Beef, Pork, etc?

          1. There's a small Vietnamese restaurant in Southlake called "I love noodle" I ran across that has a delicious pork meatball served in pho. They also offer pho with just the meatballs if you don't want the other meat toppings. I'm not an expert on Vietnamese cuisine nor do I know how that restaurant compares with others in DFW (it was the first vietnamese restaurant I've tried since relocating here) but I thought it was very good.

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              I believe what you had was Bun Moc


              The pho with just meatball is Pho Bo Vien

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                I grabbed a menu on my way to Krogers since I couldn't remember the name of the dish. It was the Pho Dac Biet: a hodgepodge of tendon, tripe, different cuts of beef, beef fat, and the tasty meat ball. Next visit I'm going to get the Pho Bo Vien, they were very good meatballs.

            2. You can pick up Chinese meatballs at Noodle House on Park & Coit on the NE corner. This faces Park. They also have great soups, dumplings etc.

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                @irodguy good call. They also sell their meatballs (coated in rice) to go.

              2. Thank you, everyone, for the responses! I've got time to try them all out before Christmas. There is a dumpling house in Madison, WI, that has very small "Asian meatballs" that the boys love. They don't have a sauce and can be eaten by small boys with their hands. I'll let you know how it goes...

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                  What is the name of that restaurant in Madison? I can track down something similar.

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                    It's Dumpling Haus. I just looked at their menu online and they are called Beijing Meatballs. Thank you!

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                      were they deep fried by any chance?

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                        I've only had them once a few months ago and as best I can recall they were not deep fried. They were about 3/4 in in diameter. I think they had some pork in them and they were extremely tender, not highly seasoned. The first order was so good, we ordered 2 more.

                2. Definitely the lions head meat balls at Yao. the best I've had. If you are going specifically for those you might want to call ahead. Not sure if it's still the case but they used to be limited....

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                    Thank you. I'll keep that in mind.

                  2. I love the lions head meatballs at Shanghai Restaurant (same shopping center as Penzy's). Very large and saucy, though, so I'm not sure that's what you're looking for. But, I thought I'd mention them, since my 2-year-old son loves them. He's also a big fan of their xiao long bao.

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                      Thank you for the recommendation. Nice to hear a 2-year-old likes them as I've got a 3 1/2-year old and one who's 18 months. I've just learned that I'm going to have 16 people instead of 6 and 5 are gluten-free and one's also dairy-free!!! Yikes! But, I also raised 2 kids when one was vegan and one only ate meat, including a husband who was vegetarian but would eat fish occasionally. I can do this!

                    2. I know it is late but there is a new Taiwanese owned restaurant at Coit and Park in Plano, Senmiya that does have Lion's Head meatballs (aka braised beef meatballs).

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                        Thank you! I will check that out. I tried making some of my own, but they didn't turn out too well. As it was, several people had terrible colds while they were here and all they wanted was chicken soup! There's always next time...

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                          The rare beef Pho at Rice and Wheat also contains delicious beef meatballs.

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                            Oh, thank you. My kids are always looking for a good Pho place and this looks great.