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Dec 5, 2012 03:39 AM

MKE - La Fuente in Waukesha - SLOW service

We wanted a quick dinner out with our 2 young children so we tried the new(er) La Fuente in Waukesha. It’s in the old Steak N Shake on the road between Target and Home Depot.

We've been to the Walkers Point location many times and the food, while very much Americanized Mexican, is quick to the table. This is essential when 2 small children are hungry. The Waukesha location was extremely slow and the service didn’t make up for the delay in the food. Luckily the waitress did get chips and salsa to the table efficiently and one round of drinks. After that came the wait.

We had to ask about the appetizer that we ordered to make sure that we weren’t going to just get it with the dinners. No, the appetizer was served well before the rest of the meal but took at least 1/2 hour after we ordered. That type of wait is unheard of in Walkers Point. We did enjoy the appetizer of jalapeno "poppers" which were actually thick slices of jalapenos topped with chicken and cheese. I believe it was broiled which softened the jalapenos and melted the cheese and allowed for the jalapenos to retain some spicy heat.

Again, we waited. When the dinner finally came we hurried through it as to get the kids home to bed. I can’t even remember what I had.

While we waited for the appetizer and then again for the main dinner, the waitress ignored us. We certainly could have been happier with more margaritas. I'm not sure that we will go back, the food isn’t worth that long of a wait.

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  1. I have had no such problems with the La Fuente at 92nd & Bluemound. If you live in Waukesha, it's not as close as the one you went to, but lots closer than Walker's Point,

    1. It might be the lingering curse of Steak and Shake.
      I love their fries and shakes, but the service at the S&S was sooooo bad, indifferent and slooooow that while we were happy when the franchise opened up locally, we quit going due to the service. Maybe they hired some of the same people :(

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      1. re: exvaxman

        "Maybe they hired some of the same people"

        That is kind of what I was thinking. The service when it was Steak & Shake was unbearably slow. I just hope they did not hire the Manager from that Steak & Shake. The local media uncovered that he is a convicted child molester. :-(

        1. re: Fowler

          Seriously? We did not see that, just knew that within a month after they opened service went to sh*t and for a new place the people working there did not care if they had a job or not.

          1. re: exvaxman

            Yes, seriously. Someone tipped off a local radio station and they did some digging and found the guy was indeed convicted of child molestation prior to becoming the restaurant manager.

            That sort of explains why the place was sold quickly and quietly.

            1. re: Fowler

              Wow. I just thought that both scarf&barfs went under due to slooooow and uncaring service.
              My better two-thirds favorite "fast food" place. We used to have to drive miles out of the way to visit one for her when vacationing. The two that went under locally changed her mind permanently.