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Dec 4, 2012 08:55 PM

Only one dinner: O-ya or Craigie on Main

Hi Boston hounds! I am taking the hubby to your lovely city for a food-filled weekend. We will only have one dinner and I can't decide between the two. I've been to O-ya and enjoyed it tremendously but have heard nothing but good things about Craigie too. We are adventurous eaters and love all types of food. If you could only choose one, where would you go?

P.S. I have reservations for Island Creek Oyster Bar for lunch and the Butchers kitchen for another lunch (or maybe B&G Osyters because I think the hubby will like the lobster BLT and the fried oysters there).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. maybe you're wanting to visit Butcher/B&G because you're staying nearby, but reviews have wavered quite a bit for both places; given your other choices, i think there's a good chance you'd be disappointed. I would point you to Neptune Oyster in the North End. Like ICrkOB, it is CH raved by ,including me; we are big fans. We order oysters and luscious non-trad dishes there, but their lobster roll is very loved; many many CH posts about it.

    If you do lunch at ICOB (a dramatic striking room and excellent service): their lobster roll is not a sure winner like Neptune's; their fried clams are pretty good; their biscuit is a MUST (huge, moist , with a caramelized glaze.

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      I went to ICOB and Neptune the last time I was in Boston and enjoyed both very, very much. Loved the vibe in ICOB so I'm excited to bring the hubby there. We both enjoy oysters so ICOB is a must for this trip for sure!

      Not staying near Butcher/B&G but will be walking around there. If you have any other recs, it'd be very much appreciated. Will also get a chocolate eclair from Chocolee for dessert after lunch :)

    2. I think you ought to give Craigie a try, especially since you have tried O Ya. People have noted that O Ya's menu has changed little over time, so it would be rather repetitive for you.

      1. my vote is for Craigie

        1. If both were untried, I'd say O Ya hands down. I'd probably even do O Ya again and get items I missed and a few that I loved (because they are likely better than anything at Craigie). Craigie is great, though, so you can't really go wrong.

          I echo another poster re: ICOB's lobster roll. I think it's a total pass. I think it's straight-up bad with the way-too-heavy bun and too much filler in with the lobster. I don't know how it has survived in that form. The raw options are superb, though.

          1. I really like both these places so this is a question with no wrong answer. Like others, I think that since you have already been to O Ya it's time to visit Craigie. While the food at O Ya is amazing, Craigie has a coupe of advantages over it. The first for me is a better bar or should I say a bar. The bartenders at Craigie are very good compared to the wine/beer/sake offerings at O Ya. I also think there is something to be said for the atmosphere at Craigie. Maybe it's me but, I just like it there better. I also like the sometimes interesting menu ingredients at Craigie. They also have some interesting ingredients at O Ya but you have probably had them before. For one single special meal I would recommend O Ya but given you already ate that special meal go to Craigie.


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              just a side note, I hope you are planning on Island Creek Oyster Bar for lunch Sunday, they don't serve lunch on Saturday.