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Dec 4, 2012 08:50 PM

Coming to Pittsburgh for first time.......looking for foodie recommendations!!!

Hi guys,

Hope you are all doing well. Coming to Pitts from Fri-Sun. Just wondering if you guys could list some restaurant recommendations for dinner near the Wyndham, Downtown, Mariott, Shadyside, and Heinz Field areas. I want to fine dine for one night (Around $25, no alcohol) and check out a DDD another night (cheap, good, massive portions). No specific criteria (we eat everything) but if we were to choose it would be Italian or Japanese. Thanks!

Meal Schedule thus far:


Lunch: 50 McNuggets for $9.99 (we don't have this in Canada)
Dinner: Cheesecake Factory @ Ross Park (we don't have this in Canada)
Check-In to Wyndham


Lunch: Wholey's Fish Market for lobster roll sandwich and sushi
Dinner: _______________
Check-In to Mariott, Shadyside


Lunch: Primanti Brothers
***NFL GAME***

Go Home :(

Haven't decided on breakfast either, will have to see if it's free from the Wyndham or Marriott...

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      1. Free breakfast is a lovely thing. I think that Marriott's is free at this hotel.

        But you might want to look into other options for lunch and dinner. Try Soba or Uni for dinner at least.

        1. Some good dinner options:
          Dish - on the southside is Italian
          Meat n Potatoes - downtown
          Eleven in strip near downtown
          Toast in Shadyside
          Spoon in east liberty
          Tamari in Lawrenceville - asian latin fusion sushi

          Check if open on Sunday. Some may be closed.

          Will U have a car. Some U will need transportation

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            1. re: Effort

              I booked a place called Tamari for Sunday @ 5:30PM for their Happy Hour special. Normally hate fusion food but I'm willing to try this place out.

            2. If you're willing to do one thing different than the yumfest you have planned, instead of Wholey's, try the Penn Avenue Fish Market, just a few blocks east on Penn Ave. I don't know if they have lobster roll, but their sushi is ninety nine magnitudes of wonderfulness better than the crap Wholey's calls sushi. There's really no comparison.


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              1. re: Jay F

                What about Andy's Sushi or whatever u call it @ Wholey's??

                1. re: mtx

                  I hate it. I couldn't even swallow some of it. A complete waste of money, time, and tastebuds.

                  1. re: mtx

                    also consider the banh mi in the strip (which is where wholey's is at).

                    1. re: mtx

                      no good.

                      I think you're going to end up spending a bit more than $25 if you even want to "Casual" dine.

                    2. So where did you eat? Dying to know...

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                      1. re: mookleknuck

                        So which DDD did you go to?

                        We too are looking for a DDD feature and looking into a sunday football game