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Dec 4, 2012 06:46 PM

Meatless brunch ideas

I am coming to S Florida for Christmas and would like to make Brunch for my (meat eating) family.
I don't eat meat but do eat seafood and dairy. Last year I made Peach French Toast and Maple glazed bacon(not for me obviously).
We are having company this year and I need some ideas. I arrive late on Xmas eve so I can't do a make ahead Brunch.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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  1. Now I need Peach French Toast with m-maple glazed b-b-bacon!!!

    Good luck, but you'd do best asking here, in the Home Cooking board...

    Breakfast Frittata wedges with a runny lightly fried egg drooped on each piece came immediately to mind... A lil' salmon caviar on top... Oooooo....

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    1. re: Mild Bill

      That sounds interesting. Yes. The peach french toast was delicious and decadent!

    2. I saw this idea int his months Food Network magazine, thought it sounded great! A mushroom spinach baked egg casserole that doesn't need to sit overnight.

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      1. re: cleopatra999

        I might save this one for a later time. It looks easy.

      2. How about crepes with a variety of fillings options, including seafood newberg, creamed spinach,
        mushroom/gruyere, ratatouille, creamed chicken, corned beef hash/scrambled egg. You could make everything at home, if transporting it is feasible,
        and just warm it all up on site. Layer waxed paper, foil, or parchment between the crepes. If you want only one kind of filling, you can make a crepe "torte", layering a dozen or so filling-topped crepes, sliced into wedges.

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        1. re: greygarious

          Wow, everyone is making me hungry! Seafood newberg with Crepes sounds good.

        2. This is so funny, I just created my Chow account to ask pretty much this same question! I like the crepe idea. How do you make the crepes? I only have one suitable surface, a Lodge skillet, that I just got - I am afraid it isn't seasoned enough to stick and requires more skill than I have.

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          1. re: deraj

            Welcome to CH! If you type "crepes" into the search box at the top right of the page, you'll get discussions on the Home Cooking board in the last year. From the results page, click Advanced Search to get options to search farther back.. Lots of info on recipes and pans.

            1. re: greygarious

              Perfect, thank you so much! I've been lurking for too long not to jump into the discussions. Hopefully I will add as much as I get from it!

              1. re: greygarious

                Just to follow up on this, I made a crepe bar and put sauteed mushrooms, fresh spinach, caramelized onions, chives, parsley, bechamel sauce, gruyere, parmesan, scrambled eggs, and tomatoes into little cups as the fillings. I used a basic crepe recipe and they came out ok on the griddle once I figured out the right consistency to swirl around quickly and fill the pan. Each person rolled up their own crepes and we put everything in the oven for 10 minutes together.

                While we waited, I had made fresh bread and orange juice for sipping / snacking. Then for dessert we had dessert crepes with nutella, strawberries, powdered sugar, lemon, and a little homemade ice cream as topping.

                It was a lot of fun and definitely memorable! Thanks for the idea.

            2. Crab cakes benedict
              Yummy fruit salad
              Lobster and Brie quiche
              Roasted shrimp
              Bloody Mary's
              Cheese souflee
              Shrimp and grits

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              1. re: LaLa

                Do you have a recipe for Lobster and Brie quiche? I was thinking of making a Crab Quiche but I know my Mother loves Lobster.

                1. re: energystar

                  I really enjoy Spanish tortillas, which are essentially fritattas that are filled with onions and potatoes and cooked very slowly. You could cut the finished round tortilla in thin wedges and top with lox and/or any type of caviar/roe, A variation would be to add seafood and/or roasted red pepper strips, which will be pretty and very tasty. You could serve with fresh bread/baguette/rolls/croissants, Serrano ham or prosciutto on the side, fresh fruit, juice, tea and coffee. Sounds like a feast!

                  We do mimosas on Christmas morning, which is a nice touch, especially if you have access to some fresh Florida OJ.

                  1. re: 1sweetpea

                    Thanks for the ideas. It helps to know what I can serve on the side. I was thinking of serving a Kumquat Sparkler as my drink. Sparkling wine, ginger liqueur and kumquats.
                    I love Kumquats!! Hope I can get them