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Sides for Ham?

I'm thinking of making a ham for Christmas dinner (Rachael Ray's Cherry Chili glazed ham recipe from her most recent issue). I'm torn as to what sides go best with a ham. Ideas? Thoughts?

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  1. Scalloped potatoes and steamed green beans.

    1. I posted this in the gratin thread above and I will post it here now, I love this side dish with ham. http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/potat...

      1. Normally, I'd say scalloped or au gratin potatoes. But they don't go well with THAT glaze. I'd go with mashed sweet potatoes and a dark green like kale or spinach or chard.

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          Normally, my instant answer would be a good rich Mac n Cheese, because I love love love it with ham.
          In this case, though, I concur entirely with gregarious on the sweet potatoes and greens, since you have that fruity glaze.

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            A good rich Mac & Cheese is tempting enough to make me switch the glaze :)

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              If you're within distance of a Honeybaked Ham store, you really can't do better than that.
              People love the ham, which you can get on or off the bone. Nice crunchy glaze. Their glazed turkey breast is a winner, too.

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            Along the sweet potato idea, I'd do sweet potato gnocchi or sweet potato rolls. Cut the sweetness some.

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              Roasted brussel sprouts with bacon (unless that is too much pig for you).

          3. My standard is a scalloped potato side. Comfort and joy!

            1. We can't have ham(or turkey for that matter) without mashed rutabaga. The family demands it!! So I make a stockpot full, and daughter & I split the leftovers!!

              1. Love the kale or chard idea posted here. How about a warm cabbage slaw, or old fashioned coleslaw?

                1. Take advantage of the oven and roast fingerling taters with herbs, S&P and EVOO. On the veg front, maybe sauted green beans and mushies in rendered bacon bits with almond slivers.

                  1. Cheesy grits soufflé and a nice green salad.

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                      I agree with cheesy grits
                      Corn pudding

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                        I think the combination of Mac & Cheese and sweet potatoes is best, but you might consider baking the sweet potatoes. I find those to be great. If you don't want this consideration, then I would recommend potatoes au gratin and green beans with bacon. Personal preferences!!!

                      2. Ditto on everything, plus you can't go wrong with scalloped apples as an extra (sliced apples, sugar, cinnamon-clove-nutmeg, and some bread crumbs and butter on top, baked). This is good with any ham or pork, for any meal in the day (it's lovely with brunch), is good hot or cold, and you can even eat it for dessert with cream.

                        1. We do ham at Christmas time also; our sides are normally some type of braised greens with pork (such as collards or mixed greens like kale, hanover, turnip mix and always with either ham hocks or pig tails or some other kind of smoked meat). We also do mac & cheese or some type of potato casserole and or some sweet potato dish. Other sides have been glazed baby carrots, potato salad, broccoli with lemon buttter, garlic green beans, slow cooked lima beans, roasted red potatoes; all go with ham. For us, it matters not what the ham's glaze will be because certain dishes go together so we'll have the sides no matter what the glaze will be.