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Dec 4, 2012 06:03 PM

Capitol Hill

In February I'll be at a conference in DC for a few days, staying in Capitol Hill. I'm looking for recommendations for lunches/dinners in that neighborhood.

I'm also open to ideas for takeout. My husband and teenage son will be joining me for part of the time and will be arrivingin early evening. As our hotel suite has a kitchen, I thought I might be able to pick something up and have it waiting for them. Any recs?

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    1. You might want to specify where on Capitol Hill exactly, even which hotel, since that could make a difference, especially for the take-out question. But definitely Eastern Market.

      1. Well you will not be in a bad place for eating. Did you have a price range in mind? Also if you want to stay fairly close to your hotel location might be good. I heard Monmartre got a new chef, it was always pretty consistent, but is now supposed to be better. Do you want fast casual lunches or more sit down service?

        1. Vace.

          Lots of good frozen Italian entrees like lasagna, pastas, etc. Pizzas by the slice as well.

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            Thanks everyone for the replies so far. We'll be at the Capitol Hill Hotel on C street SE. As for lunches, probably fast and casual, though I might go for something elaborate on the day I arrive. I'll be alone, and don't have any commitments until an evening reception, so a nice lunch might be the way to go.

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              cooking in the room: in that case Eastern Market and Barracks Row are at most a 10 minute walk (one metro stop) away. for immediate stuff at odd hours there's a Mom n Pop market at Penn and 4th, I'd carefully regard or even avoid the meat and veg choices.

              casual sit-down, there are a few places a block from your hotel at first and C, but I have found them all sort of ehh. they're lively, friendly and popular with young House staffers. again down on 7th (EM) and 8th (Barracks Row) just off Penn are choices ranging from fast to somewhat high-end.

              breakfast at Jimmy T's on East Capitol is interesting.

              this came out recently, it does omit a few places I like (Hank's, Cava etc.) but does a fairly job.

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                Bullfeathers is around the corner. Casual, good pizzas and burgers, decent beer selection.

                Excellent Greek small plates at Cava and bistro fare at Montmartre.

              2. Lots of options pretty close by then... for a nice sit down lunch if it's a weekday you might hit up Central. For fast casual there is Sweetgreen, Seventh Hill for pizza, a little further Le Pain Quotidien and also Cava is fairly casual. Monmartre is a little nicer, but still fairly casual, same with Hank's Oyster Bar, Ted's Bulletin. Sonoma is nice too.

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                  kt - Central isn't hard to get to, in fact quite easy, but by foot it's a good 20-30 minute walk (and it's a nice walk), but down the Hill downtown.