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Dec 4, 2012 05:13 PM

Question.........[moved from New Jersey board]

I'm curious to know if it is appropriate to sit at a bar and order food without an alcoholic beverage ?
....what's your opinion ?

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  1. Sure. Why not? Money is money.

    (Or did you mean the question to be specific to NJ?)

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    1. By beverage you mean alcoholic beverage? Order a water... a soda.. an ice tea.. a coffee. Whatever you want to go with your food.

      1. Some people prefer to order and eat at the bar, when they are by themselves. It doesn't make them look like a loner, someone taking up space (recalling a current rant by here about one person using a booth) or they just want the faster service, one gets at the bar, to eat and go.
        I can see the issue being problematic, if the bar has a bartender and food is ordered via a server. The bartender may feel stiffed for a tip, or if the place is mainly a bar, and the food is a sideline. It comes down to the way the $$ gets spread.
        If you just want to eat, not feel singled out at a table and go, make sure you take care of the Bartender, with a tip.
        But, sitting at the bar, nursing some app, just to watch a game or to watch the hooters/kilted crowd, I would say was inappropriate.
        All in all, I'd say the answer depends on the situation.

        1. completely appropriate