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Dec 4, 2012 04:57 PM


Where can I buy a bottle for under $20 in New Orleans?

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  1. Are you having trouble finding it at all, or just under $20? They definitely have at least two or three brands at Rouses, Dorignacs, and Vieux Carré Wine & Spirits, but I don't remember the prices. I would be surprised if Martin's on Vets didn't have some, though I've never bought it there myself.

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      Martins has at least two brands, and Rouses on Baronne has three or four (none were over $30/bottle, IIRC). I haven't visited Keife & Co yet (801 Howard), but I'll bet you can find it there as well.

    2. Vincent's on St. Charles makes their own - not sure if they sell it by the bottle or how much. You could give them a call.