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Dec 4, 2012 04:55 PM

Anyone been to Barclay Prime recently?

My husband wants to go to a steakhouse for his birthday, and we've never been to BP, so this seems like a good time to go. I just haven't heard much about it lately. Is it still as good as ever? Any particular recommended apps and sides? Thanks.

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  1. I was last there about a year ago, I thought it was really not worth the premium over the other steakhouses. Steaks were fine but the apps and sides were really not very good. Unless you are going for the ultrapremium beef that the other places don't have (in which case I assume money is no issue) or particularly want the modern atmosphere, I don't think it's worth it.

    Edit: Guess I should caveat this with the fact that I'm a not a steak-lover (barely ever order it outside of a steakhouse, or cook it at home) and I'm not a fan of the typical steakhouse technique of loading dishes with cream and butter.

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      The biggest decision to be made at Barclay Prime is what knife to use (they give you a choice).

      I find their raw bar good if you like oysters, their lobster bisque is good but heavy. Wagyu sliders are good but not often something you would order before having a steak. I thought they had a calamari dish but it doesnt appear on the menu any longer. Wedge Salad is good but very large. Truffled mac and cheese is good but perhaps that's is a cliche by now... Personally I prefer Cap Grill. I find their wine selection better and they have more small portions ie.. you can order a petit filet or smaller dishes that dont make you feel like you are eating a side of beef.

      1. re: barryg

        I agree with you barryg. The sides are ridiculously small, unoriginal, AND poorly executed. At Barclay Prime you will get a great (pricey!) cocktail, but that's about it. Go to the Capital Grille.

        1. re: phillybakingqueen

          I'm not sure if Capital Grille deserves its go-to great steakhouse reputation any more, unless things have improved recently. We were there a few months ago, and it was really sub-par. Our steak did not seem to be the same prime grade, that it obviously was when we first visited years back. The salad tasted strange, too, like it contained canned vegetables. Not at all what one would expect to get for the price of a meal there.