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Dec 4, 2012 04:13 PM

Need a food-gift for a very rich co-worker.

Hello Manhattan Chowhounds! Wouldn't you know I would pull the CEO's name out of the hat for secret santa? I want to find something edible for him (no alcohol) from a cute new york bakery/deli. He loves trendy places, but I am new to the city, so I was hoping to get some advice on where to go. The spending limit is $20. Please help!

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  1. If you are new to the area, it might be cute if you embrace the "local" and go with bagels and cream cheese? Bagels are cheap and gourmet/fancy cream cheese cant be that much. Put it together with a newspaper- WSJ, NYT and a pound of coffee?
    You could do macarons from one of the trendy places around the city, but I havent the faintest idea how much they run per pound. I also happen to think they arent very tasty.
    Voges Chocolates always has interesting "gift" type things this time of year.
    I'm trying to think of something that fits the $20 mark and will actually last a bit...

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      Macarons are $2.50-$3 each, are very fragile, and don't last very long. Like Laduree's are $2.70 and you have to pay extra to get a nice box.

      Vosges is a chain and Chicago-based (and I don't find them to be that great for filled chocolates). If you want to stay local, try something like Kee's or Liddabit or Roni-Sue's instead.

      $20 will also get you two tubes of Dorie Greenspan's famous cookies at Beurre & Sel.

      See also:

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        $20 will get you not more than 6-8 macaroons at Lauduree and not much anywhere else. There is another post about NYC food gifts which might help. You could do a bunch of black and white cookies from William Greenburg Desserts. Very NYC and delicious. I think the bagels, fancy cream cheese, and coffee is great for the spending limit, as is the Zabar's babka, paired with 2 Zabars mugs and pound of coffee.

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          Thanks for writing! I like bagels, but they seem more like something to share (he's single), and also I am new to the city, but he isn't, so the novelty isn't there. I would love bagels!

        2. Maybe ask his secretary what type of food he likes. A cake from Veniero's? Cupcakes from Two Little Red Hens? A little gift basket from Chelsea Market? Chocolate babka from Zabar's? A cute little fruit basket from Edible Arrangements?

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          1. Go with exquisite, small, tasteful vs kitschy or 'local' flavor.





            EDIT: Though your price limit might not result in a meaningful gift at such places.

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              Yeah, this is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks!

            2. How about hit up a cheese shop? You could easily get 2-3 pieces of lovely cheese- or 2 cheeses and some fancy crackers. Murray's on Bleeker or at Grand Central would be happy to help you find something delicious and in your budget.

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                Mmm, I hope that is what my secret santa gets me!

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                  Exactly what I was thinking. Local, artisanal cheese.

                2. Go to Laduree, and get a half dozen macarons. Don't waste your money on a cute box since the standard one is quite lovely and is free. Another suggestion is to go Momofuku Milk Bar, and buy a nice assortment of their cookies.