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Dec 4, 2012 03:54 PM

Need Suggestions Good Edmonton Restaurant

Hi Edmonton Chowhounders,

I am looking for a restaurant that will be a nice experience for a couple who don't eat out very often. They are not adventurous eaters. I saw an earlier thread that recommended 3 Boars (would be too hipster), Wildflower (menu looks good), Red Ox, (menu also looks good). I'm leaning toward Wildflower because I think the food is a good match but there are some bad reviews regarding service. Have I missed anything, are any other suggestions?

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  1. My first thought was Red Ox. Creative and innovative but not OTT. The menu is more limited but what they do they do extremely well. Service is always discreet and lovely. This is where we go for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Wildflower is one of my favourites as well. Excellent food and service every time we've been there. A third recommendation would be corso32 which is a modern take on Italian. It is small and some of it is communal dining but there are a few private small tables. Also great food and service! I have not been to 3 Boars so cannot comment on that.

    1. Hipster. I'd concur with your thought on 3 Boars. Out of your list, I'd lean towards Red Ox. I'll be heading there tomorrow night for a meal. Always treats me right.

      What about Sabor Divino. It's a great room and usually quiet enough to be intimate. The Marc, Corso 32, Zinc...

      Does the location matter? I'm sure we can keep adding thoughts.

      1. The food at the Marc is great but I do find the room is consistently quite loud. Not sure if that will be an issue for this couple. The OP mentioned they "don't eat out very often" so maybe they want somewhere a little quieter? This would be an issue at corso32 as well.

        I endorse the previous recommendations for Red Ox, Wildflower Grill, and Sabor Divino.

        1. Good point about noise level. We had a truly horrible service experience at The Marc that sadly left us not eager to return. The food was very good, however. It appeared that other servers were friendly and helpful and kind - we had a very unlucky night. Part of me would like to give it another shot but it was so bad that my husband will not return (which takes a lot).

          For ambience and atmosphere I still say Red Ox.

          1. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. This a huge help since I don't live in Edmonton. I was leaning toward Wildflower but you made me switch to Red Ox!

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              Both are excellent but you will be very pleased with Red Ox. It is well known for its consistently great everything! :) It would be shocking if your friends did not enjoy it.