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Dec 4, 2012 03:39 PM

Sides to go with Enchilada Suiza and Lasagna?

No one's ever put Enchilada Suiza + Lasagna on the same menu...but I'm daring it!

Hosting a really last min dinner party for 7 tonight. Since we don't have enough food, I'm hog-tying 2 pans of Enchilada Suiza (Green Chile) I had made yesterday for the week, to the night's menu. Hence the mishmash!

What's stumping me is what to put alongside to pull the meal together. I've got the fixings for a kale salad. What else can I make that'll go with that crazy combo?

On bated breath to see what Chowhound brains come up with...

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  1. I like to quick pickle some thinly sliced red onions in sugar, red wine vinegar, water, chili flake, and bay leaf with a lot of Mexican dishes, served cold or room temperature. Similarly, with rich Italian dishes, I like to make onions agrodolce style as a contrast. Similarly, a acidic cabbage dish cooked in a similar sweet and sour fashion may be a nice way to cut the richness of these dishes.

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      Thanks for the suggestion to do something acidic. Ended up doing a kale and butternut salad w/ lemon-dressing, heavy on the lemon. Worked well! I may try the onions agrodolce next time too.