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Dec 4, 2012 03:05 PM


Did everyone see that Gordon Ramsey just visited Yanni's on Greenwood Ave for an episode of Kitchen Nightmares?

I live nearby and my one visit was such a disaster I never went back. I know many others who had similar problems (mostly service related--very slooooowwww service, having your water glass sit empty while the staff sat at tables with regulars and chatted, etc). But this makes me think about giving it another try.

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  1. I live nearby too, and did see that. The only reports I've heard were similar to yours, bad. I wish them well but I would never set foot in a restaurant that needed an intervention by Ramsay and crew. Some of the K.N. episodes I've seen were so scary I thought they were staged. Mabye they were, who's TV after all. Curious to hear if they can turn it around, and make it last.