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Salisbury Steak?

ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 02:50 PM

Does anybody make Salisbury Steak, preferably with mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy?

Yeah, I know it's not haute cuisine (heck, it might not even be "cuisine") but I've got this hankering for good old school cafeteria food from my days of yore.

It's either a Chowhound to the rescue, or I resort to Swanson's ...


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  1. Beach Chick RE: ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 03:10 PM

    Try Hob Nob restaurant..
    Perry's Cafe might have it and those 2 coffee shops in Mission Valley ( Ricky's or Hotel Circle)
    Studio Diner or Albie's Beef Inn might be another option.

    Good luck on your Salisbury quest...this was my Dad's favorite meal but he like stewed tomt's over the mashed pot's and steak or a mushroom sauce.

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    1. re: Beach Chick
      ipsedixit RE: Beach Chick Dec 4, 2012 03:21 PM

      I just checked Hob Nob's website and they have a thing called "Ground Round Steak" ... whatcha think? Close enough?

      I suppose I could suppress my salisbury steak cravings with a couple of Filet-O-Fish sandwiches ...

      1. re: ipsedixit
        Beach Chick RE: ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 03:34 PM

        Isn't ground round steak Salisbury steak?
        Whatcha got to lose...its in the 92101 zip.

        You would have to throw out our beloved FoF!
        Now I'm craving a couple of those bad boys with extra tartar and a small fry squished together..

        1. re: Beach Chick
          ipsedixit RE: Beach Chick Dec 4, 2012 03:35 PM

          I was having a burger at JSix for lunch today, and while the darn thing was mighty tasty, all I could think was ... "I could've had a FoF, or two!"

          1. re: ipsedixit
            Beach Chick RE: ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 03:44 PM

            I hear you sista loud and clear..
            After a fancy pants meal, I'm searching my droid for the closest McD's for a couple FoF.

            That's how I roll..hee hee

            1. re: Beach Chick
              ipsedixit RE: Beach Chick Dec 4, 2012 03:49 PM

              Yeah, no kidding, right?

              And I don't mean it to short shrift the JSix burger, which is indeed mighty, mighty fine. Probably worthy of its own thread.

          2. re: Beach Chick
            ipsedixit RE: Beach Chick Dec 5, 2012 07:50 AM

            Well, went to Hob Nob.

            Can't say I'll be going back any time soon.

            First, after confirming that the ground round steak is salisbury steak, the server tried to convince me to order beef short ribs. I stuck to my guns and in thinking about it now, probably should've listened to her.

            The ground round beef, was indeed round and no doubt the beef was probably ground, but that's probably the extent of the praise I can give the dish. The thing was crumbly and hard, sort of like how somebody got a bunch of taco meat from those hard shell tacos and simply formed a big patty. Then there was the taste, which I'm still trying to find this morning. Gravy was no help, because it too was equally insipid. And the gravy was cold.

            Sigh. I probably should've listed to either my server, or honkman below and gone to Cheesecake Factory ...

            1. re: ipsedixit
              Beach Chick RE: ipsedixit Dec 5, 2012 08:00 AM

              That sounds horrid!
              Cold gravy and 'the thing' which is the round beef..

              Sorry ipsy....maybe the beloved Cheesecake Factory that is put on a pedestal around here, would of been your best bet!
              ; )

              1. re: Beach Chick
                ipsedixit RE: Beach Chick Dec 5, 2012 08:05 AM

                No need to apologize. Certainly no fault of yours.

                Yeah, Cheesecake Factory here I come ...

                1. re: ipsedixit
                  cstr RE: ipsedixit Dec 5, 2012 10:21 AM

                  Since you're still Jonesing, you gotta try CF and report back.

      2. honkman RE: ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 04:41 PM

        You can have it at Josh's favorite restaurant in SD:


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        1. re: honkman
          Fake Name RE: honkman Dec 5, 2012 05:22 AM

          Did you have it on your last visit, and how was it?

          1. re: Fake Name
            honkman RE: Fake Name Dec 5, 2012 07:57 AM

            grassfed and made to order with love as you would expect at Cheesecake Factory

        2. The Chowhound Team RE: ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 06:06 PM

          We moved a recipe for Salisbury Steak to the Home Cooking board, at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/880603

          1. Rodzilla RE: ipsedixit Dec 4, 2012 11:57 PM

            chicken pie shop?

            1. p
              pickypicky RE: ipsedixit Dec 5, 2012 12:25 PM

              I had my suspicions about this dish about which I only have unpleasant associations. It was invented by a diet doctor! Here's the history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salisbur...

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              1. re: pickypicky
                ipsedixit RE: pickypicky Dec 5, 2012 01:23 PM

                From Wiki: "The USDA standards[2] for processed, packaged "Salisbury steak" require a minimum content of 65% meat, of which up to 25% can be pork, except if defatted beef or pork is used, the limit is 12% combined. No more than 30% may be fat." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salisbur...

                Never realized there were "standards" for Salisbury Steak.

                Wonder if Hob Nob knows about those standards ...

                1. re: ipsedixit
                  cstr RE: ipsedixit Dec 5, 2012 01:30 PM

                  Only if your SS was 'processed and packaged' This appears to be an industrial definition.

                  1. re: cstr
                    ipsedixit RE: cstr Dec 5, 2012 01:55 PM

                    Ah, my young padawan, you assume that the Hob Nob Salisbury Steak was *not* processed and packaged ...

                    1. re: ipsedixit
                      Fake Name RE: ipsedixit Dec 5, 2012 02:13 PM

                      Oh, I'm sure it's freshly made, based on their farm-to-table concept.

                      1. re: Fake Name
                        ipsedixit RE: Fake Name Dec 5, 2012 02:18 PM

                        Yeah, I guess that's what those cows were doing out on the curb ...

                2. re: pickypicky
                  cstr RE: pickypicky Dec 5, 2012 01:26 PM

                  This dish is about as old as dirt, was very frugal and filling.

                3. c
                  Cathy RE: ipsedixit Dec 5, 2012 04:11 PM

                  Brothers Family Restaurant (on Waring Road).[Salisbury Steak dinner is listed as a special on certain days of the week]

                  Annie Belle's Wings and Greens (on Euclid) [Salisbury steak patty is listed as a 'side' on the menu]

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