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Dec 4, 2012 02:45 PM

Exit 1 - Key Biscayne - Anyone been?

I would love to hear something about Exit 1 from some Chowhounders. The owners have Route 9 in the Gables and opened this place mid-year 2012.

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  1. I have not been yet but plan on going real soon. The new Chef Brad Kilgore is a rising star. check out this meal he prepared for a group of us recently

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      Wow - that looks like quite the meal. Thanks for the info + link. I am definitely going to visit when I am in Miami. The menu looks great and the wine list too:)

    2. While not from the area, I recently went to Exit 1 while visiting a friend who lives in South Beach (coincidentally or not, the same friend who brought me to Route 9 a couple years ago). I'd never been to Key Biscayne and was impressed by the beauty and serenity of the island, and so the stage was set for a very different sort of evening than our prior nights in South Beach.

      We arrived at the plush, country-club-feeling Towers of Key Biscayne (I think I saw tennis courts!), and headed for the restaurant. I was excited for the meal as my prior experience at Route 9 was incredible.

      Anyhow, we had impeccable service all night: from the moment we arrived, we were greeted heartily by the owner, Jeremy (same guy I met at Route 9), and he seemed to remember me (or at least he pretended to). Either way, like Route 9, they strike the perfect balance between being comfortable and "homey", but not hokey or unprofessional. Service was attentive and polite.

      The dishes are on the more modest size (similar to most European restaurants, NOT the average "American" restaurant like Cheesecake Factory). So, between the 2 of us, we ordered a bunch:

      PEI MUSSELS Coconut-Curry Vinaigrette, Cucumber Salsa

      HEIRLOOM BEET Red, Candy Striped, Pistachio Anglaise, Black Sesame Powder, Anise Vinaigrette

      HOUSE SMOKED SALMON “Everything Crusted,” Pumpernickle, Borsin Panna Cotta, Carraway Seed, Dill

      BLACK GROUPER Whipped Ponzu, Roasted Lemongrass Broth, Culantro Oil, Daikon, Carrot

      FILET MIGNON Butter Basted, Mushroom Potato Puree, Veal Dumpling, Autumn Vegetables, Brown Butter Bordelaise

      The food was fantastic. The preparations were unique, and it was clear that whomever was pumping it out in the kitchen knew what he was doing. I'd highly recommend this place especially to those looking to get out of Miami for the night as this experience is absolutely transporting on many levels.

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        New chef Brad Kilgore recently finalized the new menu and is doing a great job executing it. A no-brainer if you live on or visiting Key Biscayne.

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          This looks like a great spot. I'm thinking of taking a group here soon. Their prices are not on their online dinner menu. Do you mind giving me an idea of average cost per person and whether it is a good group place or not? 8 people.

          1. re: mountainhound

            Brad is no longer affiliated and I believe they may have closed

            1. re: The Chowfather

              Awwww. This is too bad. I had heard very mixed reviews but was hopeful for them. The Miami New Times gave it a terrible review around Christmastime.