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Dec 4, 2012 02:39 PM

Stackable storage trays for Ball/Kerr canning jars

I thought it would be easy to find such things but nothing has shown up on google. I presently use the cardboard trays the jars came in but they are getting raggedy and won't hold up to the relocation I'm about to make. Anyone know of anything?

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  1. I posted about this last summer. The new boxes are inferior to old enclosed cardboard boxes they used to come in. Milk crates work well though.

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      Thanks Rasputina, I missed your earlier post, good to know about the re-usable lids. And I'm sure there is an opportunity for someone here!

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        I agree w/ milk crates. My mom has a large collection of vintage ball jars, and she stored the ones she didn't have on display in milk crates, and they worked out very well and lasted through a couple of moves. The container store sells them for $10/ea but you might be able to find some used ones somewhere.

      2. Kinda spendy, but I like the look of these:

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          awesome find, Ninevah, but yes, that price is nuts. Maybe for like 3 or 5 or something, not ONE.
          Good idea and good luck to whoever thought it up though.