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Dec 4, 2012 02:27 PM

Best wineries with tasting rooms in Sonoma?

Going end of this month for a few days. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  1. We are big fans of Larson Family Winery, a bit south of Sonoma Square and the junction of 12 and 121. It's not a high end winery. Reasonably priced and good quality. We love the place and the service. It's got a very casual dirt on the cowboy boots Sonoma vibe. The owners, family and their dogs tend to always be around the grounds. I've had staffers remember our names and faces from previous visits.

    The place is really nice. Rustic western style tasting room with a very large bar. And the large picnic area with both paved and grassy areas. Several times, we've rolled in there with a picnic, done the tasting and picked up a bottle to enjoy outside. Always a hit with the out of town guests.

    A bonus for us is it's super kid-friendly. You can taste or grab a bottle for a picnic on the grounds and let the kids run around and play with the patio/lawn toys. Everyone is happy, except the designated driver.

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      Steve, are you interested in Sonoma County, or the town of Sonoma?

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        Anywhere in the county, altho we will be staying in the town of Sonoma. Thanks in advance!

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 is a previous link:
          I am not a big fan of the wineries that are close to the town of Sonoma, or those along Hwy 12 between Sonoma and Santa Rosa. However some of them are historic, and plenty of people do like them. I think the best wines are in "west county", which means RRV pinot and Sonoma Coast pinot. Also, Dry Creek Valley (take Dry Creek Rd west out of Healdsburg) has a lot of different wineries making a lot of different wines such as zinfandel and sauvy blanc and others. I guess I feel like you miss out if you concentrate on Sonoma, as using Healdsburg as your jumping off point puts you closer to the good stuff. Plenty of others think this is nonsense and that Sonoma is surrounded by great wineries.

    2. Where in Sonoma County are you staying? Have you been to Sonoma before?

      There are now many wineries that operate tasting rooms in either the town of Sonoma and in Healdsburg..

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        Not our first time, staying right in the town of Sonoma

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          Here is a lengthy thread from earlier in the year on visiting Sonoma wineries: