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Dec 4, 2012 02:22 PM

Bermuda with a vegetarian in our group

I am coming to Bermuda (from December 26 to 30) with some friends who are foodies. We are staying in Hamilton. I have read the recent posts on where to eat in Bermuda, and I thank everyone lots of great ideas.

Our issue is that one member of our group is a vegetarian (she eats eggs and dairy products, but not fish, shellfish, poultry or meat). We are not looking for vegetarian restaurants in Bermuda, but does anyone know what places have both good food and a vegetarian main dish?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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  1. Tribe Road Kitchen and House of India definitely have vegetarian options and I think most restaurants will do their best to accommodate your request.

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      Second House of India. But most places will be accomodating and usually have a vegetarian option.

      1. re: bdachow

        Thank you so much for the quick responses! How good is the food at House of India?

        1. re: Delhiwala

          Given your name, I'm guessing you're of Indian descent? I've had friends of Indian descent from New York and London call it the best outside of India. Having said that, the tendency of the chefs is to make the wet curries a little on the sweeter side but if they know your heritage, they can probably adjust it a little better to be more authentic. Most of my friends will gladly eat themselves (me included) into a stupor trying to sop up every bit of the sauce with rice and naan bread.

          But as with all people, we all have different palates so that's my word of caution.

          Incidentally, they have an excellent lunch buffet with vegetarian options as well, think it's about $18 including tip for eat in.

          1. re: Delhiwala

            Given your user name I'm little nervous to give an opinion! I love it, and one of my co-workers who went this week told me how much he liked a vegetarian dish he had - he found it more complex/interesting than than the non-vegetarian which are pretty much meat/chicken with a sauce (but still really good as far as I'm concerned). And he really, really liked the 'family naan', which is apparently massive and delicious - and I think sprinkled with nigella seeds from his description.

            1. re: Delhiwala

              Thank you so much for the information on House of India. Any other ideas besides it and Tribe Road?

              1. re: Delhiwala

                Rustico in Flatts, good thin crust pizza as well as really good pasta and a portobello musroom and polenta ap[etizer that I really like. Not sure if Harry's in town has vegetarian options, but I'm sure they would accommodate (go there for lunch - not dinner, btw).

                Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm an omnivore :-)

            2. re: bdachow

              Just got back from a really good dinner at House of India. As someone who has had really good Indian food in India (especially in Delhi where I went to university) as well as in London and Singapore, I (frankly) was not expecting much from House of India. Boy was I wrong. The curries were excellent, the dal extraordinary, and the nan outstanding. Wow. Of course, a good sign was that there were a lot of Indians in the place, including folks ordering in Hindi.
              By the way, for those that come here by taxi, do not worry about getting a taxi on the way home as there is a (friendly) taxi dispatch office two doors down from the restaurant.

              1. re: Delhiwala

                Thanks for coming back and letting us know that! I was really nervous even suggesting it to you and am so glad you enjoyed it. I am also glad that a Bermudian woman married an Indian man and started the restaurant.

                And I love that nan...

                1. re: Delhiwala

                  Glad that it worked out for you and you enjoyed your meal! I especially love the dal as well.