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Dec 4, 2012 02:22 PM

Help! Need South Lake Tahoe (SLT) Recs

It's been a looooooong while since I've been on CH and I'm back b/c I need help w/recommendations. As a long-time CHer, I did try a search for SLT, but the results were sparse and returned mostly NLT threads.

We'll be there for a few nights at the Marriott Grand Residence later this month so I expect to cook (with Safeway a block down) and eat out equally. I'll post pics & reports upon my return. We're open to foods of ALL kinds, prefer local/seasonal fare and hope to avoid the major chains. Thank you!

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  1. We recently enjoyed the service, ambiance and cheese fondue at the Swiss Chalet. Excellent house salad included, in SLT on the main thoroughfare. Real deal.

    1. Tahoe Local Here...
      Our favorite places...
      Evans, small 11 tables, upscale, creative!
      Naked Fish Sushi, Walking distance and go on a Thursday night when they receive all kinds of special scallop, Kodai,,kanpachi, Scottish Salmon , 3-4 kinds of fresh oysters!
      Cafe Fiore, small 7 tables, Italian, great wine! Fell in love with my wife here, very romantic.
      Happy hour at Riva on the Lake, great pizzas..all apps 1/2 price.
      Lunch at Sprouts cafe, Natural foods, salads, rice bowls, tempeh burrito.
      We have great Taquerias...Jalisco and La Promesa are the best right now.
      Sugarpine bakery for a great bagutte!

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        thanks! My upcoming trip mimics OCAnn's above. suggestions look good...should be able cover 5 nites.

      2. Good to know. Thanks! We have a cabin on echo summit by Sierra and I am always on a quest for decent food. Keep us posted if anything good opens up.

        1. I apologise for reporting back late (there was a medical issue with family). We ended up cutting our trip quite short and had the opportunity to eat out twice for dinner: Edgewood and Kalani's.

          Usually, when I ask for a recommendation, we follow thru (otherwise, why ask?), but it was an icy night on the road and wanted somewhere w/i a 1 mi radius which unfortunately knocked many of the recommended places off the list.

          At Edgewood had the ravioli appetizer (surprisingly good), the salmon and the tbone steak special. All three items were steak-house good and better than most golf course food. Apparently, there's a great view which we didn't get to appreciate in the dead dark of winter.

          At Kalani's (my favourite of the two) there were a lot of seafood and asian-inspired selections. I had my usual go-to: Chilean sea bass. We ordered many dishes and the food here was very, very flavourful.

          Most likely, I would return to Edgewood for drinks to see the view I felt cheated out of...and to Kalani's for seafood. Hopefully, we'll return in April to try the restaurants which you so kindly recommended to the list--thank you for your help!